Getting So Close

I am so very very close to getting caught up on my sketchbook. That’s because there are big gaps of days where I did not draw at all. :(

August  22 and 23, 2010

August 24, 2010
And don’t worry. Isabelle has gotten used to the patch now. She does her three hours and when time’s up she will take off the patch all by herself. No big deal.

August 25 to 27, 2010

And some pictures from those sketchbook days. Because I’m sure Alan would like to see them while he’s at work.

I bought Isabelle some felt flower kit thingy. I thought it would keep her occupied while patching but she keeps herself occupied fine.

Nathan grabbed the straw from my iced coffee off the table. My coffee that had whipped cream on it. He really liked the whipped cream. Mischievous monkey.
Mischievous monkey

Acting all innocent.
Acting all innocent

Who me?
Who me?

Mischievous monkey making a mess and then crawling away.
Making a mess and then crawling away

And then Isabelle making a bigger mess with the diapers.

And I’m ending with this random picture. Isabelle used to put stickers everywhere. This one is on our bedroom closet mirror.
Happy face
But now she puts them in her sticker book. One of those take a piece of paper and cut and fold it into a book deals. Every sticker from the doctor to the ballet teacher goes in there. It’s sort of nice. :)

2 thoughts on “Getting So Close

  1. Can Isabelle decorate her eye patch.? Maybe putting on jewel-like stickers or having her draw something and gluing it on might make a little fun.

    She’s such a trooper!

    I swear your kids just get cuter and cuter!


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