Daily Archives: September 13, 2010


How was your weekend? Our weekend was awesome. Yesterday we celebrated Isabelle’s fifth birthday! For the past week I’ve been asking her what she wants to do for her birthday. She would always reply, go for a walk.

Well, Alan’s coworker had mentioned a festival in Albany/Berkeley where they closed off twenty to thirty blocks, the Solano Stroll street festival. So, we decided to take our walk there. Ummmm…it was crowded.
Crowds at Solano Stroll street festival
I mean CROWDED! Can you see the hoards of people in the background of this picture?! I may or may not have hyperventilated a teensy bit in that crush of humanity. Just a teeny bit. Tiny, eensy, oh my god strangers are touching me, breath, breath, breath, teeny bit.

Yep. We walked a good length of it, me and Isabelle. Alan drove a good length of it trying to find parking. We didn’t really look at much though. I was too busy concentrating on not being touched. ;-) Isabelle just walked along with me unless she was diverted by some colorful booth. But mostly she was intent on getting a blow up hammer or bat that she saw so many other children sporting.

Finally at the very end we came upon the hammer and bat wielding people.
Guaranteed winner
For three hits, at a dollar each, Isabelle got to bring home her own blow up hammer toy, guaranteed. I really liked how they set it up so the kids felt like they won. I’m glad she didn’t have to actually try to hit the ball into the tiny holes. Just three swings and you got a prize.

I didn’t take any pictures of the hammer though because…ack! Too many people touching me, cannot concentrate on doing mundane regular things. No, just joking. I was probably distracted by Nathan. So, let me describe it. It’s pink and purple with a pair of big red lips on it and the words, “sexy”. When I told Isabelle what it read she responded, “S.E.X.Y. SEXY?! Eeeew!”

After Isabelle got her hammer she was done. She was perfectly happy to go home so we headed to our car, which was, strangely, parked by a cornfield. I’m not used to seeing cornfields in cities so took this picture.
Just a random corn field in the middle of a city

All that food at the festival and we didn’t get anything to eat. So, we went to an ice cream parlor for a late lunch.
Prefers regular fries to smiley friesLoving cantaloupeUs

And for dessert Isabelle got a child size sundae.
Child size sundae. What?! That's child size?
Seriously? This is a child sundae?!

And then we headed home. We pulled up to our house and I thought, let’s get Isabelle some balloons. So, off we drove again and while I occupied Isabelle at the dollar store, Alan went and bought her some balloons and stuffed them into the car. When we got to the car, we opened the car door and Isabelle was surprised with her balloons. She said, “Balloons? This is the best birthday EVER!”

But of course it wasn’t even over. We went home and she opened her present.
Wrapped by me and Alan
Totally weird random wrapping paper right? Alan wrapped it while Isabelle was asleep the night before. He used what we had on hand. And when I woke up and saw it, I decided it needed a pink handmade pom pom.

Then while Isabelle was busy playing I made her carrot cupcakes with browned butter frosting. Yum!
Carrot cupcake with browned butter frosting
Happy over her birthday cupcake
And that was how we spent Isabelle’s birthday. But we’re still in birthday mode here because we will be having a party this coming up weekend. So, put on your thinking caps because tomorrow I’m going to be asking for party ideas.