Alan Cracks Me Up

I’ve been busy with 7days. But I thought I’d put a new post up because I’m just falling further and further behind.

Alan does the funniest things. Sometimes I turn around and BWA HA HA!
In a boot bag
He put Nathan in this Crocs rainboots bag.

In a box
In a diaper box.

And this nekkid one that I will be making private in a week or so. So better get looking now. I didn’t even see it at all. Alan took pictures and showed me. I was probably still in the shower when he took it.

In a grocery bag
In a grocery bag.

In a toy stroller
In Isabelle’s toy stroller. Bwa ha ha!

Why mama? Why?
Why mama? Why?

2 thoughts on “Alan Cracks Me Up

  1. I love it! I thought my husband was the only one that stuffed our children into boxes! He put our now 17 year old in a box a doll came in when she was about Nathan’s size. So, maybe next time Isabelle gets a doll….

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