Pictures from Sketchbook Days

Ok maybe there are a couple that fall out of the range of the most recent sketchbook days. Like this one:
All crawled out
It’s actually from May 9th. I was trying to get a picture of Nathan in the crawl position. But it was right when he was just figuring it out and he was all wobbly so whenever I tried to get the photo he’d fall back on his tummy. Of course, now he can crawl so why am I showing this picture? Because he’s cute.

Oh and on June 2nd when I said how Isabelle was doing all sorts of big things, like pushing the grocery cart. Here she is pushing it.
Big girl pushing the cart
She’s gotten so big! But really, she’s not big enough to push the cart. Well, yes, she can push it but not straight. She’s not tall enough to see where she’s pushing the cart. She was banging into everything and it takes FOREVER to shop if you have to steer a stubborn four year old who doesn’t want to be steered.

Then out with Bridgette and Marie.
Bridgette and Marie
Have I mentioned that I’ve known Bridgette for twenty four years? Did I do the math right Bridgette? She’s one of my bestest friends. We met as freshmen in high school, younger than her daughter is now. Wow!

That lunch was the first time Nathan has been in a high chair in a restaurant. Before he was too wobbly to sit in one.
First time in a high chair at a restaurant

After lunch we walked like half a mile to get ice-cream because we thought it was the next building over. Then it was a like half a mile to get back to the car. And I thought to myself maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to walk and eat ice-cream. But I ignored that thought. Which resulted in ice-cream dripping all over the place and Isabelle tripping and getting ice-cream…well all over the place.

And here’s one of Isabelle after the ballet demonstration.
I’m waiting for the video to come in so hopefully I can share it if I can figure out how to do that from a DVD. I didn’t take many pictures. I wanted to enjoy the moment. Only one crap photo during the demonstration was worth saving.

My ballerina on stage
And my friend Olinda helped me take video but it was sort of too zoomed in and bouncy. But as soon as I get my hands on the DVD I’ll post a snippet.

Traffic light popsicles!!
Traffic light posicle
I thought they were yummy. But looking at the picture the yellow looks more orange and my pears instead of kiwis didn’t really come out green.

Oh two little teeth showing! He has four now. I just never got a good picture of them before.
Two little baby teeth

And finally this one:
Beep beep boop
I was washing the dishes and I hear Alan behind me say “beep beep boop”. I turned around and there’s Nathan coming around the corner with just Alan’s hand visible pushing him forward in this little Build a Bear car. Cheered me right up.