Clay Fun With Isabelle

I know I’ve been having a hard time getting onto the computer lately. And I just can’t seem to figure it out. I’m thinking of getting rid of my “I heart” section. I’m rarely on the computer to even see anything “I heart”. Anyhoo, here I am, showing these pictures a week later than I said I would.
Little bunny made mostly by Isabelle

In one of my sketches, I drew us playing a Wallace and Gromit game. Then Isabelle watched the Wallace and Gromit Were-rabbit movie. And then for some reason we decided to play with clay and Isabelle wanted to make a Wallace and Gromit bunny.

Only…I don’t think I’ve ever worked in clay. My sister and friends and even Alan have worked with clay. But me? I have an art degree and never worked with clay?!? Really? That can’t be. Maybe I just have a really crap memory. I’ve taken a sculpture class. I’ve worked with wire, cardboard, natural items, and bronze. But clay. Nope. Can’t remember that.
Little bunny tail

Ok, off in la la land. Back to what I was saying.

This was a collaborative project between me and Isabelle. I made the head and body. Then Isabelle made the rest and I put them all together. Since I had no recollection of using clay, I didn’t know how to do that.

And I didn’t look it up beforehand. We just sort of winged it. Maybe that’s why stuff kept falling off the rabbit in the beginning. Like his nose. His ears. His head. Oh…just everything. It took some trial and error. I think I complicated it by not wanting to use water (thinking it would be messier). So while I was figuring it out, Isabelle made our family in clay:
Our family made by Isabelle

And Wallace and Gromit in clay:
Wallace and Gromit made by Isabelle

I think that explains why I got so very mad when Isabelle broke the arms off the rabbit when it was already in the drying stage. Next time, I’ll look it up first. That would have been waaaaayyy smarter.

A few days later when it was all hard we painted the bunny.
Painted little bunny
We used what we had on hand which was watercolor. The brown didn’t come across that well but the pink did. And YAY rabbit made mostly by Isabelle! :)