Daily Archives: April 27, 2010

Eighteen Years

If you read one of the latest pages from my sketchbook you saw that it was our anniversary on Sunday. Yep, we’ve been married eighteen years. We talked about going to the beach or out somewhere for fun. But I didn’t feel like driving far so in the end we decided to go out to dinner.

We hadn’t decided where to eat but I thought I’d get dressed up. I put on the dress I made back in 2008 (I’ve only wore it once). And I put Isabelle in a fancy little dress.

And then reality hit. My fancy dress wasn’t breastfeeding friendly so I knew I was going to change. But first we decided to take some pictures. Alan put on a nicer than usual shirt. This one has a collar and buttons!
Us on our 18th anniversary

And he put Nathan in a little sweater vest. But no pants. Hee hee!
Alan said...

Then we headed outside to take our pictures. I like that family picture above. But this picture makes me happier.
Us on our 18th anniversary
It’s real life. Me and Isabelle in Crocs. No fancy shoes for us. Alan in flip flops. And Nathan with that big smile on his face because he was sitting on big sister’s shoulders.

Then as soon as we were done with the pictures I changed into a soft breastfeeding friendly knit (Isabelle wanted to keep on her fancy dress).
Me and Isabelle

And took off Nathan’s sweater vest. Then off to dinner we went. :)
Alan and Nathan