Need to Look at Something Else

Ok, I need to put a different picture up. I’m sick of looking at sugar snap peas and tomatoes. And I’m sick, Isabelle is sick, and Nathan is sick. We have colds. I guess we didn’t make it through the Children’s Discovery Museum unscathed. Either that or we got it from the homeschool group Valentine party we went to. But I think it might be the museum. I didn’t notice any sick kids at the party.

So, that’s why you’ve been stuck looking at that picture for days. I haven’t been up to editing any new pictures. I’d pop onto the computer a little here and there to draw quick little things for my “I heart” section and to check my email but mostly I’ve been missing.

I’ve been taking care of sick babies. Isabelle is like her usual self except with a runny nose that needs to be wiped quite constantly if it’s not sucked. Do you know what I’m talking about those nose sucker things? We have a Japanese one with a straw thing and it’s the grossest thing ever but it works.

And Nathan hasn’t been sleeping properly at night. He tosses and turns and wakes up at some crazy hour in the morning whining and crying which wakes Isabelle up. He’s been doing this for the past 2 or 3 days. And on top of that he has a diaper rash, his first. :( So, I’ve been taking care of them, nursing my head (a headache everyday now for 3 days. Hmmm wonder if it’s due to the lack of sleep) and knitting Nathan’s blanket when I can grab a spare moment.
Blanket for Nathan
Ok why the hell am I still awake?! I should be sleeping! I haven’t stayed up this late in a month or something. Off to bed I go.