Daily Archives: January 12, 2010


We haven’t been doing much. And with Alan back to work I’m having a harder time fitting in computer time.

And plus, I guess I really don’t have much to say. Nothing’s been going on. I mean NOTHING. We even missed two meetups with the homeschool group last week because Isabelle wasn’t feeling well. I think it may have been due to the changes in the house with Alan going back to work. I don’t know.

We’re going to bed earlier. And waking up earlier. And we’re having our showers early and everything is just new and well…off. So, on the weekend it was no surprise that we didn’t want to go out and do anything. But we had no choice. That’s what happens when you have an overdue library book hanging over your head. You put on some clothes and drag yourself out…to the library, so exciting.

Afterwards we didn’t have any plans so we moseyed on over to the little playground where I snapped away with the camera.

Down the slide


This one is totally photoshopped:
Nathan "driving" a motorcycle with Isabelle in the side car
I made Alan disappear. We would never balance Nathan in his car seat so precariously.

We sat there like an old fuddy duddy couple, holding hands, and watching Isabelle play.
Us sitting on a bench like an old little fuddy duddy couple

Well not a complete old couple because we hopped on the swings together. Well side by side, in our own swings, not in the same seat because our butts are clearly not small enough to do that.
Swinging away

Isabelle ran around chasing kids she didn’t know. She’s become so outgoing, playing with complete strangers, and calling them all “my friends”.

Us reflected
It was a nice slow simple day. Makes me realize: there’s no rush, I’ll find my balance again.