Daily Archives: January 5, 2010

Last Weekend

This past weekend was the last weekend Alan had off of work. No more family leave. He went back to the drudgery on Monday. We asked Isabelle what she would like to do on daddy’s last weekend and she said she wanted to go to the zoo. So off we went.
Family picture

The lion house was open this time so we got to look at lions and tigers.
In front of a tiger though you can't see it
And I know you can’t see any lions or tigers in that picture, not even if you squint really hard. But there’s one there. I just liked all the pictures where you CAN’T see the tiger better than the ones where you can.

And I don’t have a single picture of the lion. Isabelle pushed her way past the hoards of people to look at him, but it was just one quick look. She was scared. And seriously, what was up with the hoards? Haven’t we all seen a lion before?

We also rode the miniature steam train.
Us on the train
Poor woman in front. I kept bumping her with my big ol’ butt when I got on and off the train.

We saw the giraffe house and Isabelle’s response was the same as the last time she went.
Stinky house
It stinks.

And did you know giraffes eat hair?

Giraffes eat hair on Flickr.