Daily Archives: November 30, 2009

Yummy Fun

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. We spent the day before with my family and Thanksgiving day at home. I don’t have many pictures though. We were too busy enjoying ourselves.

Here are a few. Homemade apple pie.
Apple pie
You know, having the right tools in baking makes things go soooo much quicker. This year I got a pie crust cutter and the leaves were a breeze. And having an apple divider shaved off time too. Now whenever I want to eat apple pie but dread the time it takes to make, I won’t drag my feet because it’s so much easier.

And shrinky dinks. Look!
Shrinky dink us made by my sister
My sister made us. She just shrunk me to see how tiny I’d get and look, I’m as small as Nathan.

And yummy store bought cake. Look at the cute little turkey.
Store bought cake

Ok that’s it. Nathan is whining for milk.