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Need a Moment

Crawling into bed
I know I haven’t shared any Halloween pictures yet but I’ve had a rough week. The kids have been sick (thankfully just colds) and Alan went back to work this week. Alan’s been home since Nathan was born and it’s sort of been like having only one kid. When I was with Nathan, Alan would have Isabelle. But with Alan at work, I don’t have that luxury anymore. Now I REALLY am taking care of two kids.

And that has been HARD. It didn’t really dawn on me how hard it would be until a few hours after Alan left. Ahhhh I’m alone with two kids!! Actually it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t cry. But I did have a mini freak out moment. It turns out I freaked out over the wrong thing, running around in my head panicking on how I was going to get Isabelle to sleep. That has actually been the easiest thing to tackle.

That first night Isabelle surprised me by falling asleep on my lap. She rarely ever does that. She didn’t stay asleep the entire night though. I probably jinxed it by thinking, wow that was easy. Because a few hours later she coughed and coughed while she was sleeping and threw up on her sheets. So, that meant getting up and moving her to our bed. And it’s hard sleeping with two kids jam packed against you. I felt like a sardine in a can.

The next night, was worse. Alan left with Isabelle and Nathan crying at the same time. That’s been the more difficult thing, trying to learn how to juggle being pulled in two different directions at the same time. Crying Isabelle, crying Nathan, I’m sure at one point the crying made me want to pull my hair out.

And then at bedtime that night, I had a struggle getting Isabelle to sleep. She missed her daddy and she wanted milk. But she didn’t want to wait for Nathan to get it first. Usually at this point, Alan would take Nathan to the other room so I could quickly put Isabelle down. But that night she didn’t care if Nathan was crying. And there was no Alan in sight to help. Isabelle didn’t really think through that she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep with Nathan screaming and crying for milk.

I can’t remember how I resolved it that night but resolve it we did. But we still didn’t get a good night sleep because a few hours later Isabelle peed in the bed. And it got everywhere, not just her bed but ours so that was even more disruptive. I had to change everything. She hasn’t done that I since I last mentioned it. I think it was the change from having Alan home all the time and being sick.

So, needless to say, sleeping has been very interrupted and that never does me any good. I’ll say it again, taking care of two kids is hard. I only get a break for a few hours when Alan wakes up right before work. I don’t even get a real break when I am asleep because I’m on edge worrying about Nathan having a stuffed up nose. I obsessively check to make sure he’s still breathing. Sure I do that anyways but with him being sick, I do it more.

I’m like this: Are you breathing? Yes. Five minutes later. Are you breathing? Ok maybe I’m not so crazy with the checking but you get the idea. At least I don’t poke Nathan the way Alan does. Are you breathing? POKE. POKE. POKE.

Also, Alan isn’t home to help with the diaper changes at night anymore. So, with me nursing through the night, getting up to change him, and being crushed in between two kids, I have been worn out. By Friday I was grumpy, impatient, and dragging. As soon as Alan was up I crawled into bed for a nap.

I feel much better with sleep. I think it’ll get better when the kids aren’t sick anymore. Or maybe when I just learn to deal with it all. And to think, four years ago, I thought it was hard with just one.

Halloween Another Time

I’ve just now finished going through all our Halloween photos. Well Halloween related photos.

But I’ll talk about them some other time. Hopefully.

We’re off to bed early tonight.

Wish me luck. Hope this isn’t a terrible mistake involving me waking up at an insanely early hour.

Halloween Fun Part 1

Ok I have time to type right now. No one is crying or wanting milk or begging for attention so I’ll try to type quickly.

This year, we went to the pumpkin patch really late. We joined a homeschool group (talk about that in another post) and this was one of the places we met up.
Totally photoshopped
Above photo sooooo photoshopped. I was carrying Nathan in a wrap and I photoshopped me out and used a second picture with me in it for the scarecrow.

I have NEVER seen the pumpkin patch so crowded. It was the week right before Halloween and busloads of kids were there. Seriously, busloads. We must have seen three or four buses parked in the small parking lot.
"Can I have thiiiiis pumpkin?"

The place was crazy but Isabelle still had fun. But I never ever want to go to the pumpkin patch that late again. Isabelle didn’t mind the crowds too much. And this year she played in the pumpkin playland. She ran through the straw tunnels. I even ran through them, not such a great idea since they aren’t made for adults. But I couldn’t resist. Well not ran, more like a hunched over stroll. After the first time through I told Isabelle it was too hard for mommy while I was carrying Nathan. But you know what? I went again. I am a child.

And I know I said it was super busy. And it was but you can’t tell in the above picture because we stayed so long all the school kids had left by then.

Isabelle also loved the bean pools. She played for quite a while in them. The website described them like playing at the beach, no sand in your shoes. Yeah but you get beans everywhere. I swear she got some in her pants. I know Alan did. We got home and found beans! :)

Looking at the pictures I wish I had taken Nathan out more. Sure, I say that now but do you really want to disturb a comfortable sleeping baby? I should have taken him out after I spent half an hour in the car feeding and changing him. Because look, you can’t even see Nathan in this picture.

Ok must stop typing now. I really had hoped to make Halloween one post but it’s just not meant to be. I have little mouths to feed.

Halloween Fun Part 2

Instead of making a new banner earlier today, I should have written a post. Because now I’m having a hard time. As I’m typing this, I have Nathan awkwardly in my lap. He does not want to be put down tonight. :(

Well, let’s see how far I can get. If I don’t finish, I’ll just continue this tomorrow.

So, I was trying to talk more about our Halloween fun. The night before Halloween we went to Fry’s. I cannot remember what we were looking for, nothing Halloween related. But as we walked in, we passed a woman, from The Other Cheek, who quietly said, free face painting. I walked on a good fifteen feet before what she said registered. Then I turned to Isabelle and asked her if she wanted her face painted.

Isabelle has never had an interest in getting her face painted before. She’s many a time turned it down. But that night she said yes. So, we turned back around to get her face painted. The face painter asked Isabelle what she would like painted. And Isabelle characteristically clammed up and went all shy and wouldn’t say anything. The face painter asked her if she’d like a butterfly to which Isabelle said yes and away the face painter went.
First face painting

Isabelle loved it. LOVED. She didn’t want to wash it off that night at bath time. Isn’t it beautiful? I don’t think I ever got such a nice face painting when I was growing up. And you should have seen some of the scary Halloween ones she did. Actually, go look at their site, they have pictures. Anyhoo, back to what I was saying.

Later that night we went to my friend Veronica’s house for a pumpkin carving party. I never did get to talk about that on my last post, about the pumpkins we bought. We bought four pumpkins, one for each member of the family.

And I’ve learned from my prior non-pumpkin carving ways. It only took me four years to catch on. In the past I’ve gotten at least three carving pumpkins. I’m sure one year I got six. And every single year I never carve any of them. That’s right. NONE. So this year, only one of the pumpkins was a carving pumpkin. The other three were tiny small decorative pumpkins. And this year we were smart. We actually brought that pumpkin to the carving party and carved it. Whoo hoo! Smart thinking. Finally.
Told Isabelle to draw something for Alan to carve

We let Isabelle draw on her pumpkin like last year and then Alan pulled out it’s guts and carved it up. Isabelle didn’t want to touch the stuff. She was too busy happily playing with another little boy there. They were running around in the dark having a grand time.
Pukin' pumpkin

Isabelle had so much fun she didn’t want to leave saying she’d miss her friend. But we had to leave. It was getting late and I had a costume to finish. But that’ll be for another post.