One Month Old

One month old

Nathan turned one month old yesterday! Can you believe it?! A month has gone by already.

I just realized I haven’t really shared anything about Nathan in this post. So, here’s some things I don’t think I’ve written about.

  • He is such a content baby. He rarely cries, only when he’s hungry or needs to be changed.
  • He spits up. What a difference from Isabelle. She rarely ever spat up.
  • Nathan makes a lot of noise. I’m not talking about crying. More like squeaking, squawking, and grunting. He is very vocal, something I don’t remember with Isabelle either.
  • In Alan’s words, “he’s a little piggy.” Yep. I heartily concur. Is that why he spits up so much?
  • Ok, I can’t think of anything else.

    Just in a Diaper

    I can’t remember why Nathan was just in a diaper the day I took this.

    But I thought I’d take advantage of his absence of clothing to take some pictures.

    And then I thought, oh let me stick the hat, I made him, on his head. Ack I could just eat him up!
    Umbilical hat

    Yes, I knit him a hat. I scoured the internet and my books to find a baby hat I’d like to make. And after a long search, I went back to the umbilical hat I always make. It’s such an easy project. And I didn’t even need to buy new yarn. I just used the leftover yarn from the crochet panda.

    Yay for quick simple projects that can be made from my stash!

    Project Notes
    Pattern: Umbilical Hat from the book Stitch N’ Bitch by Debbie Stoller

    Quiet Here

    Sorry for the silence on here. We’ve been out and about. Then when we get home I’m just too tired to get on the computer. I know I have emails waiting and aaaaahhhhh!! My inner slave driver is screaming for more pictures and posts. Now if we’d only stop doing stuff long enough for me to catch up.