Daily Archives: October 18, 2009

One Month Old

One month old

Nathan turned one month old yesterday! Can you believe it?! A month has gone by already.

I just realized I haven’t really shared anything about Nathan in this post. So, here’s some things I don’t think I’ve written about.

  • He is such a content baby. He rarely cries, only when he’s hungry or needs to be changed.
  • He spits up. What a difference from Isabelle. She rarely ever spat up.
  • Nathan makes a lot of noise. I’m not talking about crying. More like squeaking, squawking, and grunting. He is very vocal, something I don’t remember with Isabelle either.
  • In Alan’s words, “he’s a little piggy.” Yep. I heartily concur. Is that why he spits up so much?
  • Ok, I can’t think of anything else.