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Nathan’s Birth Story

Little Nathan
Nathan is two weeks old today. It’s about time I talked about his birthday and shared some pictures. And since he’s asleep in Alan’s arms and Isabelle is napping, it’s the perfect opportunity to get on the computer.

So…Nathan’s birthday. Oh crap. Isabelle is awake. But she’s playing with her piggy bank so let me get to typing.

On Nathan’s birthday, two weeks ago which was the 17th, I woke up to pain. I had been feeling it while I was sleeping since maybe about 7am but I ignored it. I say, maybe 7am, because I was asleep. I don’t really have a clue as to what time it was but it was near when Alan came to bed. And when the nurses who would later ask me, when my contractions started, that’s the time I pulled out of my butt. So that’s what I’m sticking with now, 7am.
Just born

Oh crap. Nathan is awake and wants milk. Ok, putting him on my lap at the computer to nurse and pushing on…

The pain, I ignored it. But then at 11am the pain would not be ignored anymore so I woke up and started timing it. After half an hour of pain that was 3-6 minutes apart, I tried to wake Alan up, saying, “either I’m having contractions or I need to go poo.”

Alan was surprisingly calm. He didn’t jump at the word contractions. But of course he WAS half asleep. He just sort of sleepily said, “which is it?” and closed his eyes again. CLOSED HIS EYES.

I just asked him about it. He says, “I wasn’t asleep. I was resting my eyes.” He must have latched onto the word poo because he doesn’t even remember me mentioning contractions.

In between contractions with a smile on my face
So anyhoo, after an hour of timing the contractions, at noon, we called the hospital and they told us to come in to get evaluated. So Alan started packing. Yes, you read that right. STARTED. We were a week away from our due date but we hadn’t packed a single thing yet. I had written down a list but that’s as far as we got. Yeah, don’t ask me why. That’s just what happened. We’re oh so organized and prepared like that. So, 40 minutes later, after a whole bunch of painful contractions, we were finally packed and off to the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital we COULD NOT remember where labor and delivery was. We asked a volunteer and she put me in a wheelchair and took us up to the guest entrance for labor and delivery. Guest entrance. She obviously didn’t know where it was either.

I’m not visiting woman! is what I might have said if I wasn’t having another contraction. I knew we were in the wrong place but couldn’t say anything through the pain. But it was ok. They still let us in. :) We just went around a bit to get to the right place.
Olinda kept Isabelle occupied the entire delivery with pipe cleaners

You know, remembering all the details now is hard. Everything seemed to take forever. But of course I think that’s because of the pain. Alan is remembering it in real time whereas I’m remembering it through contraction pain time so everything was drawn out and not quick enough.

Alan remembers me changing into the oh so lovely hospital gown and taking forever in the bathroom. Like a good 10 minutes he said. Well that was because they wanted me to pee in a cup for them when I didn’t have any pee to give. I used the bathroom when I woke up and was still empty by the time we got to the hospital. I must have been in the bathroom staring at the cup for a good 5 minutes trying to figure out how to do the impossible.

Well, I finally gave up and came out saying I didn’t have anything so they said it was ok and put me into a room to get checked. They paged the midwife and hooked me up to some monitors. It took forever for her to come in pain time. In real time, Alan says she came right away. She checked me to find I was 7cm dilated and I was being admitted.

What?! Admitted? We weren’t expecting that. We hadn’t even told my friend Olinda to come yet. She was going to watch Isabelle. Alan hadn’t even grabbed anything from the car. We were fully expecting to get sent home. But nope. Admitted.

They wheeled me off to my room and checked me again and I was 9cm dilated. N.I.N.E in the space of time it took to wheel me over from the evaluation room. And the pain?! Where were my drugs damn it?! It felt like the contractions were one of top of the other not letting up. DRUGS PEOPLE!! I wanted drugs!

The nurses paged the anesthesiologist. It seemed to take forever. Every single time a contraction hit I would grab Alan’s hand. And all this while Isabelle was sitting quietly to the side. She was so good.

At one point one of the nurses said, “oh the anesthesiologist is right outside checking your chart.” I was thinking, “what the hell is she doing out there?! Send her in here!!!” When she finally came in, it seemed to take her a while to get my epidural drip in. I don’t remember it taking so long with Isabelle.

While the anesthesiologist was doing whatever she was doing behind my back, the nurses were talking about how quickly I was going and how maybe right after they put my drip in the baby would be born. After the anesthesiologist was done, they checked me again and I was at 9.5cm. But after the, thankfully numbing, epidural got put in, my contractions slowed down.

It wouldn’t be until 4:45pm that I was completely dilated. But that worked out fine because Alan got to go to the car to grab the cameras and our stuff along with some food for Isabelle. And it also gave enough time for Olinda to drive over.
Oh so interested in the baby

When Olinda came she occupied Isabelle with pipe cleaners while I started pushing at 5:12pm. The nurses were great. Well particularly one nurse, named Julie. She gave a lot of direction on the pushing. I don’t remember them doing that with Isabelle at the other hospital. I remember being totally clueless that first time and not knowing if I was pushing correctly. But with Julie, I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing.

The pushing part was surreal. I felt like I was there but not. Maybe it was the pain. Even with the epidural I could feel the pressure of the baby. I could remember hearing everything they were saying but it didn’t really register in my mind. I can remember them calling NICU, “just in case” and that Nathan was stuck. Then next thing I knew, he was out and they rushed him away because he wasn’t breathing just like when Isabelle was born. I kept asking if he was ok.
Olinda and Nathan

I asked Alan later what happened. It’s amazing how I can’t know what happened at the bottom half of my own body. Here is what he said:

When Kuky started pushing, only one nurse, Julie, was there. Soon I could see the top of Nathan’s hairy little head. After a while the midwife came in and checked Kuky out. I don’t know if they saw something on the monitors or what but the midwife told a third nurse to go and get a hold of NICU.

Kuky kept pushing and pushing and the midwife helped pull Nathan’s little head out. She then reached inside Kuky and helped untangle his umbilical cord from around his neck. The midwife kept telling Kuky to push and she had the other two nurses push down on Kuky’s belly (looked like it was really hard) while the midwife pulled on Nathan’s head pretty hard (made me wince), I guess that’s why he had some bruising on his forehead. She was finally able to get him out at which point she cut the umbilical cord and they placed him on Kuky’s belly just long enough to towel him down.

Nathan wasn’t breathing though so they rushed him over to the warming table where the NICU doctor could work on him. I was scared but was assuring Kuky that everything was going to be fine, because it seemed like Kuky was aaaalllloootttt more lucid this time around. Finally there was a little scream/cry.

The NICU doctor said that Nathan had a little liquid in his lungs and that his right arm was a little “stunned” from being stuck but that he should be ok.

And that’s how Nathan joined us at 5:58pm weighing 8 pounds 4.5 ounces.