Daily Archives: September 13, 2009

Isabelle is Four!

Yesterday was Isabelle’s birthday. And it’s a good thing we didn’t have a party. At our last prenatal appointment on Thursday, they checked me and I’m already 4cm dilated. Knowing this didn’t stop the guilt though.

Isabelle woke up asking, “Is it my party now?” :( I said, “sure it’s your party with mommy and daddy.” So we got up and went into the living room and Alan had put up decorations while we were sleeping. He even got her a pinata.
Party decorations

Isabelle wasn’t super surprised, it was sort of anti-climatic. She opened her gift and happily played while I made her some pancakes. Then Alan’s mom dropped by unexpectedly with pancakes. :-D Isabelle didn’t touch any pancakes though. She was too busy playing.
Alan, Isabelle, and Alan's mom

A couple of times she asked where her friends were but she seemed to be having fun. She had cake.

And we went to the park so she could ride her new bike.

We asked her if she had a nice day and she said she had. But that night as we were all sitting on the couch she said, “everybody didn’t come to my party.” I just about cried (actually I did that night thinking about it). So, yeah, she had fun and I feel like crap.

But maybe that’s because I’m big and uncomfortable.
Four years old family picture

Belly shot at 38 weeks 2 days