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Resorting to Name Calling and Other Randomness

This is what happened the last two nights of trying to get Isabelle to sleep in her own bed.
Third and fourth night of trying to sleep alone
Yes. She called it ugly. We’ll keep trying but I think the baby will go in the crib.

And some randomness: a hammer for Isabelle. It must have been all the Ikea furniture building we did, I mean Alan did, a couple of weekends ago. Isabelle saw this pattern from Amigurumi Two!: Crocheted Toys for Me and You and Baby Too and insisted that I make her a hammer. The original calls for eyes. But Isabelle asked for, “no eyes please”. I swear Isabelle is going to have me make everything from that book.
Crochet hammer with no eyes please

And a video of Isabelle just because:

What happens when you don’t go to wash your kid’s hands fast enough on Flickr

Surprise, Surprise

Fifth night of trying to sleep alone
I can’t believe it. Last night, Isabelle actually fell asleep in her bed. But it didn’t last all night. She woke up, WIDE AWAKE, in the middle of the night. The worst part was that she wouldn’t fall back asleep for a couple of hours. Even after putting her back in bed with us.

Then Alan woke up early for a dentist appointment and we were so tired we didn’t go with him. Well needless to say it was a rough night sleepwise. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Sleeping Octopus

You are probably sick of reading about our sleeping adventures. Well, you’re in luck because I think this is the last post.
Sixth night of trying to sleep alone. Success?

Yep, last night, Isabelle spent the entire night in her own bed. And I had the big bed all to myself. Even Alan wasn’t in it. It was so lonely. Well, not for long, right? Like in 20 days or so the baby will be here and if he’s like Isabelle we’ll have a full bed for the next four years. D’oh!

That happened a lot quicker than expected. And with a lot less tears than expected. I seriously thought it would be harder. Ok, you know, now I’ve stepped in it. I’ve probably totally jinxed myself now and I’ll have a hell of a time getting Isabelle to sleep in her bed.

And now onto the octopus. The title of this post, sleeping octopus is not about Isabelle. I should have titled it Sleeping, (comma) Octopus. This is what it is what I was referring to:
Crochet octopus
Another crocheted toy. Isabelle chose the colors. I love making things with her input.

Well, anyhoo, the pattern is from Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet (it’s the same author as the other crochet book I mentioned). I’ve been tweeting about the octopus for a couple of days now, how impatiently Isabelle was waiting for me to finish her. And now she’s done. Isabelle loves her. She really loves everything I make her. It’s nice to be appreciated. :)

Now she wants me to make her a baby octopus

But Isabelle thinks I can whip these things out no problem. She’s asking for the baby octopus now. And how can I say no to that face and the compulsion to crochet?
Isabelle loves her octopus
Yes, compulsion. I’m really obsessing over it lately. My hands feel empty when I’m not making something. So off to make a baby octopus for my baby not baby anymore, my little girl, who sleeps in her own bed. Waaaah!

Feeling Guilty

Feeling Guilty
Isabelle’s birthday is coming up this Saturday, the 12th. She’s been asking for a pinata and a jumper for her birthday. But this year we aren’t having a big birthday party.

I feel so sooooo guilty. It’s the first year she’s actually asked for something party-wise. I think it’s because she’s remembering her cousins’ birthday party. And this year we planned not to throw a big party specifically because it’s so close to the baby’s due date.

We talked about it. And as Isabelle’s birthday got closer we were rethinking it. But, realistically, a party would be out of the question with me due in 16 days and not knowing exactly when it’s going to happen. It would have been stressful. Sure we would have had fun but it still would have been stressful. And then what if I went into labor the day of the party. So yeah, that’s why we decided against it.

We’re just going to do a little family party. Decorations, cake, and maybe a pinata just for the three of us. We went and ordered the birthday cake and got some decorations this weekend. And at the party store we got Isabelle a balloon so she wouldn’t feel like we left empty handed. But…but…I feel soooooo bad when Isabelle talks about her party. She drags her balloon around saying, “be careful, it’s for my party.” Aaaah daggers of guilt in my heart. :(