No, I’m not flicking you off. Yesterday I took my wedding ring off because it was feeling a little tight. I just have a weird sense of humor and it gave me a giggle to draw the moment this way. I actually moved my ring to my pinkie finger.

In other pregnancy related news, I’ve been itchy lately. And not on my belly. I’ve been itchy on my legs, arms, hands, and back. The worst is my legs. Alan has threatened to tape oven mitts onto my hands to stop my scratching. I didn’t think much of it but one of my readers, Lotta, suggested I call the doctor just in case. And it’s good that we called. The nurse said that they like to check if there is any itchiness not on the belly after twenty weeks. So we have an appointment in about nine hours.

Nine hours?!?! Oh I better be getting to bed!

Cow Shirt and Other Randomness

Simplicity 3887
If you follow me on twitter you probably saw me tweeting about working on my cow shirt. Well, I finally finished it sometime last week. And it does have a real name, it’s Simplicity 3887. :)

The final step was the belt, just a rectangle piece of fabric. I don’t know why it took me so long to get to it. I should have done it weeks ago because I LOVE my cow shirt now that it has a belt.

I love it even though it might be too big. After I cut out the pieces, I bought Pattern Fitting With Confidence by Nancy Zieman. I had watched an episode of her show months and months and months ago. It was about altering patterns and at the end she mentioned her book. It’s been sitting on my wish list all this time and I finally bought it. But, as I said, I bought it AFTER I cut out my pieces.

And one of the interesting ways she measures is called the Right Size Measurement which measures patterns to fit your shoulders. Usually you go by bust measurements. I think she said, on her show, that alterations to the bust are easier than the shoulders. I don’t know, I can’t really remember BUT using her method my shirt is off by four sizes. FOUR! I made a size 22 instead of a 14. Oh well, I wouldn’t have recut it anyways because the pattern envelope I bought only went down to a size 16.

Hey stop talking about your shirt, mama! Look at me!!
NO! Take a picture of me!!
Hee hee, Isabelle was jumping in front of the camera when Alan was taking pictures of me so I had to put one in. Back to what I was saying.

Even though it’s four sizes off, it turned out fine. It’s not a tight fitting style so the fit is good even with my baby bump. The only complaint I have is, the neckline is very wide. Maybe if I had made it four sizes smaller that wouldn’t have been an issue. :) But then of course maybe I would have had to alter it to fit the baby bump.
Simplicity 3887

Oh and onto a random video of Isabelle. This is what our car rides are like. They are filled with singing and “I spy with my widdle eye“. She says WIDDLE! It’s so freaking cute!

Car rides with Isabelle on Flickr

Oh and if you follow my tweets you might already know this. We did go see the doctor about my itching. It’s nothing serious just irritating. He wants me to keep an eye on it but he’s not worried. He specifically asked if it was itching in my palms or on the soles of my feet. Which would indicate some special thing that I cannot remember the name of. I’m soooo useless.

He does want me to use unscented products for a while though. And also to stop taking folic acid or prenatal pills just in case. He’s had a few patients where that helped with the itching. And I also have to avoid hot showers. Bummer. I do so love hot hot water.

And can I just say he was soooo nice and had such a friendly manner. When we walked in, there was a note up on the board that said, Dr. Sanchez (I’m writing his name down for me otherwise I WILL NOT be able to remember his name in the future) was running 25 minutes late. Even though he was running late, I did not feel rushed through which is sometimes how I’m feeling with our regular appointments with the NPs.

Ok, now I cannot think of a way to end this post. I am a goober. I’m going to try not to scratch my legs now.

Not a Real Post

I’m going through pictures from our weekend. We were at a birthday party and I just don’t have the time to write about it right now. But I haven’t posted in days so here instead are pictures of Isabelle right before the party.

We found a single dandelion growing on our front lawn. So I plucked it and let Isabelle blow all the I don’t know what you call them everywhere all the while thinking, will they land in our lawn and more dandelions will sprout like weeds?

Finally Getting Around to the Party Post

Is it Wednesday night already, getting on towards midnight? Where did Tuesday go?! Ok never mind my absentmindedness, I was going to write about the party we went to on Saturday.

It wasn’t that long ago, November to be exact, that Isabelle refused to go down a jumper house slide all by herself. In fact, I can remember when she had to warm up to get INTO a jumper house.

Well, this past Saturday, we went to a birthday party for Isabelle’s cousins, Jenna and Christian. THE. VERY. FIRST. THING. Isabelle wanted to do was go into the jumper house. She didn’t even care that it was all deflated. She wanted in. But it was too warm outside. We wanted to avoid a bloody nose so we convinced her to do other things like look at the new puppy. Awww isn’t it cute?
New puppy. Awwwww!

Nope. Isabelle was not interested. We had to ply her with lollipops and other goodies from her favor bag. And with playing with the other kids we avoided the hot jumper for a while. When it cooled down a little we finally let her go to climb and crawl and slide down backwards.

Yes. Slide down backwards. I did not get a picture of that. I barely got any pictures at all. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to climb through a little jumper house opening with a big baby belly, all the while hoping you’re not giving everyone a free show because you crawled in there while wearing a dress? Well, it’s hard I tell you! And once you’re in there, it’s all bouncy, with hoards of kids jumping off the walls, and hot. Whoo was it hot in there.

Well luckily for me they decided to do the pinata soon after that. Well good for Isabelle too. She was barely in there and was already heated. We had to give her a cold towel, which I do believe she thought was the funnest thing ever. She must have wrapped that thing around her neck for hours. Ok, back to what I was saying, the pinata.

What's everyone doing?
Isabelle did not get the whole pinata thing. When it was her turn at bat, she tapped the pinata with the bat. Tappa, tappa, tappa. No big hits. And when the pinata broke open and pandemonium ensued, Isabelle just stood there as everyone around her dived for candy.

She did not pick up a single piece. Alan and her uncle Bong grabbed some candy for her though, so she did not go without.
Luckily daddy and Uncle Bong got pinata candy for her

The rest of the night was cupcake eating, cake eating, more jumping, climbing, sliding, camera running out of batteries-ing (getting carried away with the ings) and glasses breaking. D’oh.

Yes, I forgot to recharge the battery on my camera before the party. Dumb. And, yes, Isabelle broke her glasses. She told Alan she wanted to go in the jumper. He was putting on his shoes to follow her out to take off her glasses. But when he turned around she was already gone and they broke. Let’s just say: thank goodness for super glue.