On Friday I wasn’t really up to doing much with Isabelle. But with us being sick lately (which by the way I’m all better! No coughing for 2 days now) I wanted to spend some fun time with her. So I followed a link, from a Martha Stewart email, to make shadow puppets.
Playing with a shadow puppet Playing with a shadow puppet

I didn’t follow the directions since as I said, I wasn’t really up to doing much. I did the minimal amount. I just printed it out and cut and stuck it on sticks. No laminating or even bothering to put it on proper black paper. Honestly I didn’t even print it properly but printed it as a rough draft. But Isabelle thought it was awesome.

Well, then on Saturday, at the last minute, we decided to go to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. I mean really last minute. With the traffic headed out there and parking, we must have had only an hour inside. We really should have woken up earlier or saved the trip until Sunday but it was a very last minute decision. It’s a shame. I didn’t really get to leisurely look at everything. We just blew threw and stopped at things that really grabbed my attention. So I know we missed lots of things. It didn’t help that Isabelle was dawdling.
Slow going
Gawd, it takes forever to get anywhere with a monkey on your back…I mean on your feet. :)

And then of course it doesn’t help, with your time, when you insist on lining up for the free photo booth.
Free picture from Magnolia Photo booth Co.

I thought this was so awesome (though obviously Isabelle didn’t). The photo booth was from Magnolia Photo Booth Co. I can imagine how fun it would be to have a booth at a wedding. I want one everywhere. At a birthday party for Isabelle. At a family get together. At dinner at a friend’s house. Ok I’m going crazy overboard but what a fun way to remember a day.

Here are some more pictures of some of the things that really caught my eye.

And here is what we left with.
Isabelle's new dolly from Roxycraft
An amigurumi doll for Isabelle by Roxycraft. Isabelle named her Blossom-Blossom. She’s been carrying her around all through the day. And at night she puts Blossom-Blossom in one of Alan’s hats and pretends it’s a sleeping bag and puts her next to her.

I got myself this beautiful necklace from Figs and Ginger.
LOVE my necklace from Figs and Ginger
I wish I had known she made a family one too with a mommy bird and a daddy bird. I found that out when I got home to look up her website. Oh well.

We also got something for the baby. It’s the first something we’ve bought him.
Onesie for the boy from Jakc Designs
It’s from Jakc Designs. And look at the cute bag it came with.

And then, and then…we got a shadow puppet from Owly Shadow Puppets. What a happy surprise that she was there since I just put together that flimsy shadow puppet for Isabelle the day before.

Playing with her Owly Shadow Puppet Playing with her Owly Shadow Puppet
Playing with her Owly Shadow Puppet Playing with her Owly Shadow Puppet
This is much better than the paper one. It’s made out of mat board and is sturdy and not bendy like paper. I love love love it. I was really tempted to get an entire landscape. I was even tempted to get the kit to make your own puppets with a little stage and everything. But I thought Isabelle is too young. And now I’m kicking myself. I really loved her landscapes.

And, you know, that’s all we’ve really done the past few days. My belly’s been feeling all tight, I think they’re the braxton hicks contractions again. They’re worse after I’ve been walking all around.

Oh and before I forget, you know how I mentioned yesterday about being behind on pictures? I NEED to share this one.
DIY hair
Isabelle cut her own hair. She only did a little snip and luckily didn’t mangle it completely.

Ok. End recap.