First Crochet Project

So here it is, my first finished crochet project, a Queen Anne’s lace scarf.
Lace scarf. I swore I blocked it.
I almost didn’t take a picture of it today. The light wasn’t the best and I really wanted to be crocheting. But I thought, oh I’ll just drag my butt out of my pjs and have Alan snap some pictures.

And I did block this. I swear I did. But it’s been scrunched up in my purse and I didn’t bother straightening it out when we took the picture.
Queen Anne Lace Scarf
But of course I’ve never made anything like this before. Is it even realistically possible for it to lay all flat and perfect looking with normal wear?

Oh who knows, maybe it’s the yarn I used. I didn’t really plan on making the entire scarf. I’ve been practicing stitches with the first thing I grabbed from my stash. It’s the same yarn I used for Maggie’s hair. I don’t even know what it’s made of.

And then I came across this pattern and I wanted to try it out. I was enjoying myself so much I just kept going and going until it was done.

I think it would have looked better with a thinner yarn or bigger hook or something so you can see the lace pattern more clearly. Maybe I’ll make another one after I’ve finished the amigurumi dollies I’m making. Yes DOLLIES. I started a kitty but then realized my stitches were too loose. So I started a little alien guy to compare. Yeah. So when those are done.

8 thoughts on “First Crochet Project

  1. oh my! that’s a beautiful color to match your white top. makes you look cheerful and that lovely birdy necklace is wonderful too! good start for crocheting. that’s fabulous already 🙂

  2. oh gosh, that’s why it was so frustrating for you. queen anne’s lace for your first project? it turned out beautifully, and i love the color!! 🙂

  3. I’m laughing my butt off, because dude? That’s a CRAZY first crochet project to tackle! When you said you made a scarf I thought you meant something with nice neat little rows of single crochets. You’re a nut, but a good one. 🙂 I love the scarf! It might lay a little flatter with a finer yarn, but it’s probably going to get bunch and scrunchy no matter what, it’s just the nature of the pattern.

    It turned out beyond great for your first foray into crocheting! I can’t wait to see what else you’ll create, and am confident that at this rate I will soon be coming to YOU for help and advice!

  4. Well I had started with swatches and what was making me pull my hair out before was trying to make a simple flower.

    I watched some youtube videos and that helped. That’s when it clicked.

    By the time I got to trying the Queen Anne lace I was resigned to sticking my hook just anywhere. I wasn’t as frustrated by then. I just figured if I was doing it wrong I would try do do it consistently wrong with each motif so at least they would all look wrong together. 😀

  5. The best thing I learned at crochet class was to iron what I make, especially if it’s a lace pattern. It holds a long time, I usually just have to reiron in the summer after rainy season.

    Gosh that’s beautiful though. I am impressed!

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