Prenatal Tour

Tonight we went on a prenatal tour.
Funny face

My sister asked me why? Didn’t we have Isabelle at the hospital and already know all about it? Well no. This was the newer hospital. It opened after Isabelle was born so I don’t know anything about having a baby there. All I knew was that it’s closer to us than the old hospital.

It was cool. We learned that all the rooms are private so we wouldn’t have to worry that I’d be sharing a delivery room with someone or a recovery room.
Funny face

And they have futon couches for the dad instead of a just a chair.
And more funny face

They also do a nice little celebratory dinner for mom and dad after the baby is born on linens all fancy with commemorative champagne glasses to take home.

Oh and most importantly we found out Isabelle could stay with us during the delivery as long as someone was watching her. So, I think it’s decided. The new hospital it is.

Chalk gun on flickr

Oh and what do these pictures have to do with the prenatal tour? Nothing. I just wanted to share them off my flickr stream because of the cute expressions on Isabelle’s face. One night we went out into the backyard to play with this chalk gun from her auntie Jo. They made it very smart. It doesn’t shoot unless it’s pointing down towards the ground. I like that, I don’t have to worry that Isabelle will shoot me with it. :)