Day Four: Cookie

The other night Isabelle asked for cookies. So, I made some chocolate chip cookies. Without chocolate chips. I didn’t have any. I cut up a candy bar and used that instead. Still yummy.

The next day, I was almost too lazy/tired to do a 7 Days. I was just going to use this one.

Chocolate chip cookies anyone?

But then I changed my mind. The whole idea, for me, of joining 7 days was to try something different. So I came up with this.
Day 3: cookie

Here’s another one I liked but ultimately I chose the other one.
Day 3 reject

The cookies were a hit with Isabelle. Of course.
Messy eater

Even Alan liked them and he’s not much of a cookie, cake guy. Usually when I bake we have too much. No one eats it all. But this time, they’re just about gone. In fact, there is only one left.

Ok off to edit today’s 7 Days picture which is really stretching me to my limits.