Daily Archives: July 10, 2009

Cough Hack Cough

I don't know how Isabelle sleeps through the coughing
I don’t know how Isabelle sleeps through our coughing. I am so grateful that she didn’t get sick as bad as us. SO very grateful.

Last night Alan and I were coughing like crazy. I didn’t even want to lay down knowing the coughing would kick in. We barely got any sleep at all. In fact, Alan is sleeping in right now. I only got a few hours of sleep. The coughing would wake me up and then I’d have a hard time falling back asleep. Alan ended up sleeping on the couch worried that his coughing would keep me up. He didn’t really need to. My coughing kept me up fine all by itself.

My cough has gotten so bad that the muscles in my back and the top of my baby bump has started to hurt every single time I cough. I’m so over being sick.