Daily Archives: July 5, 2009

Nice Miserable Weekend

We’re still sick. All of us. Alan’s sick too. I just didn’t notice his coughing as much so I didn’t mention it last time.

We’ve been miserable. We’re pathetic messes. Can’t really tell in the pictures though.
Wandering around trying to find a good spot
Me and Alan seem more so than Isabelle. She only seems bad at night when she’s laying there coughing and whimpering. But during the day she’s popping all over the place, happy and normal like usual, with an occasional cough.

On Saturday, Alan let me sleep in because I was coughing through the night. We weren’t planning to go anywhere. We didn’t even want to do anything. All my plans: making red, white and blue star soaps and confetti popper rockets… out the window. We thought we’d sit on the couch, doing nothing. Whoo hoo how exciting.

But then at the last minute we decided to go watch some fireworks. We drove into the next town only a few exits away and Isabelle fell asleep immediately. It’s the coughing through the night. Even though she seems fine, she’s obviously short on sleep.

Luckily we arrived early so we let her sleep for a while before heading off. We’ve never been there to watch fireworks before so we had to find a spot. We didn’t search for long because my belly was getting uncomfortable, all hard. I think it was a braxton hicks contraction. Funny, my belly has done that before but I always thought it was the baby until I read differently this weekend.
Mama needed to sit down

We may as well have stayed home. We watched a bit.
And more fireworks

Then Isabelle complained about the noise, wanting to go home.
Aaaahhh to loud, I want to go home now
So, home we went.

That night I got even less sleep. About four hours after laying down, the coughing kicked in big time, every few minutes. After an hour of that, I gave up on sleep, and got up. A couple of hours later, after some tea and honey, I thought I’d try sleep again. But Isabelle had different ideas. She was up. After a few zombie hours for me, Alan got up, and I went back to sleep to wake up to an empty house.

Alan had brought Isabelle to the store. They came back with a water gun.

Kill them on Flickr

We played with water balloons, shooting each other with the water gun, and splashed around. Basically getting all wet when we’re sick. Yep, smart.

And now Isabelle’s out way earlier then usual AND on her own too.
She never falls asleep like this on her own

How was your weekend?