Not a Knitted Flower

Me and Isabelle are sick. SICK! I’m sooooo tired. Yesterday morning Isabelle was coughing so hard she threw up. So, last night I kept waking up every single time she coughed. And then of course my coughing woke me up too. So needless to say I’m not up to doing anything.

And that is why I haven’t finished fixing my cow shirt. Or why I haven’t finished with this knitted flower:
New clown necklace. No. Just kidding

What? You say, you don’t see a knitted flower? Well that’s because Isabelle is wearing it around her neck. It’s the big collar looking pink thing. Isabelle calls it her flower necklace. I knit it up while skyping with my sister. Video chat is so cool. She was stuck on the pattern and needed my help so we just skyped each other.

And now I’m too tired to finish it. Or I should say, I’m too tired to look for a knitting needle to finish it. I could sit there on the couch all day but getting up to look for something? Wears me out just thinking about it.
Isabelle wearing what's supposed to be a knited flower

Oh, and I just found out, it makes a nice crown too.
Makes a nice crown too

Though for the life of me I couldn’t get Isabelle to take a serious picture.
Trying to get a serious face