I Am Not Exempt

I haven’t sewed myself something large in almost a year. The last big item I made was this dress. And when I made it, I tried to follow the directions and was very careful and patient. But it’s been so long since I’ve made myself something big, I must have just forgotten stuff. I wanted a shirt and I wanted it now, no yesterday. Maybe that explains why, for some reason, I thought I was exempt from normal sewing rules and common sense.

I don’t know where my brain is.
Cow shirt

Because, yes, I cut willy nilly, not being very exact. That doesn’t work, really it doesn’t. And for some reason I was perfectly convinced that even though I wasn’t being exact, the shirt would come out fine. No, perfect even.

What was I thinking? I didn’t even mark my dots. The result: a shirt with the neckline askew and too much poofing. It makes me look like a big freaking COW. My sister said, well you’re pregnant. Yeah but my other clothes don’t make me feel like a cow.

Ok just joking with the drawing. I didn’t choose cow fabric. It’s a nice black, white, and yellow linen.
Fabric for shirt

But it still made me feel like a cow. Mooooo!!!