A New Bonnet

The other week Isabelle found her old bonnet.
Wearing her old bonnet

And like all toys, or in this case a bonnet, if she hasn’t seen it in a while it’s like it’s NEW. She was happily playing with it, posing, and asking us to tie it on her head. But it’s too small for her. She’s outgrown the baby bonnet.
The old bonnet barely fits her head

So, I thought I’d make her a new one. I let her choose the fabric all by herself.
New bonnet

She chose this pink fabric that was leftover from the log cabin quilt blocks I made ages ago. When she chose it I didn’t realize I didn’t have quite enough fabric left. I had to make the inner brim of the bonnet using two pieces but it’s barely noticeable.

And the inside fabric was leftover from this top.
Fabric used inside

But you know what took the longest? The ribbon. Not that it was hard to sew but I couldn’t find any! It took several foraging expeditions in the wilds of my crafting stash. I finally found my ribbon under bags and bags of yarn. But you gotta love a quick little project from the stash, no new materials to buy.
She chose all the fabric herself

I finally finished the bonnet days and days later. Isabelle was so happy. She said, “oh for me? Oh thank you mama!” and gave me a big hug then played happily with it for ummmm not long enough considering the time I took to make it. Oh well. She’ll see it at some future date and it’ll be new again. Hopefully it’ll still fit her then.

Project Notes
Pattern: From Angry Chicken
Fabric: cotton
Size: child