On Tuesday I was taking a nap when Alan walked in and said, his sister and the kids were here. I was sort of groggy so I automatically thought it was his sister Janet who lives close by with her kids, Jenna and Christian. But it was his sister, Joann, instead. She came up for a short visit from San Diego. Though IT WAS Jenna and Christian with her.

When they left, we followed along because I wanted to see Joann’s dogs. Followed along back to Janet’s house, not all the way back to San Diego.
They're dopplegangers, Fudge and Ollie
Yes her dogs.

This is Fudge.
Not Nestle

And this is Ollie.
Not Waldo

Not Waldo and Nestle.
Here's Waldo and Nestle

Weird huh? They’re doppleganagers. Even Fudge’s name. Fudge. Nestle.

Ok let me leave you with a picture of Isabelle when we got home.
Stuffing herself
She’s stuffing her face because she was hungry. And that’s because she happily played for hours, not even stopping for pizza or a chance at churros. I don’t know why she does that. I enjoy playing too but I do so enjoy eating as well. She played and played and played. She didn’t want to leave until we told her she could sleep over. Then she started to cry saying, “I’ll miss you mama.” That got her ready to leave quick as can be. I feel so loved. :)