Baby Names

We’ve been thinking of baby names. Alan latches onto some silly ones like Jebediah or Ezekiel. Sure they’re names. You might even know some very nice people with those names. But I don’t want to name our little boy Jebediah or Ezekiel. Or Junior. Alan was kicking around Junior. Not Alan Jr. Just Junior. He’s just being silly.

Or Elvis. You should have seen the big crazy smile Alan cracked when I read out that name. You may remember Alan and his thing with Elvis. The other week or month or I can’t remember when, he was telling me how the Elvis neighbor was dressed like Elvis. DRESSED!! So maybe he’s an impersonator. And I think Alan said the Elvis neighbor was having a party and they all looked like Elvis. Should have seen how gleefully he related that information.

But anyhoo, baby names. Maybe that’s where Isabelle gets her ideas from: daddy.
Baby names