Discovery Kingdom

Weeks and weeks ago we went to Marine World, no wait, Discovery Kingdom. They renamed it a few years ago but I’ll always think of it as Marine World. Just like the Pavilion will always be the Pavilion and Candlestick is Candlestick. Not the stupid corporate names that companies tack onto ballparks and such every few years. Stupid stupid stupid. Why would I remember your stupid corporate name for a ballpark or concert hall that I’ve always known as one thing. But I’m way off subject on that little rant.

Marine World is what I was talking about. My sister’s son, Ebow, turned 5 and we joined them to celebrate at Marine World, three weekends ago. THREE. I finally got through the pictures last night.

It was my sister’s family, us, and my mom who went. Not that you would know that I was there or my sister’s husband since there isn’t a single photographic shred of evidence that we were there. But we were.
Cousin Zinnia and Po-po

Why aren’t we in any pictures? Well, we aren’t in a single photo because all the pictures from the trip, or I should say most, are from Ebow and Isabelle riding the rides. And for some reason I needed to document Isabelle enjoying all the rides that were basically the same thing, going round and round.

They had a lot of kiddie rides surprisingly. Not that I could ride any of them. They had warnings for pregnant women, no riding. But that was fine with me. Some of those rides looked pretty vomit inducing.
Holding hands. Awwwww!!

I didn’t realize Marine World had so many rides for kids. I thought they just had big roller coasters for bigger kids. But of course I haven’t been in years. The last time I went was before they had roller coasters put in. So it was a pleasant surprise that there was so much for the kids to ride.
Going at the speed of light. No, not really. This ride was soooooo slow

Too much in fact. We didn’t get into the park until 2pm and then all the kids did was ride for the longest time. We only managed to watch one show, Shouka the whale, and that we barely made it to. The seats were filled and there were some gaps in the audience. A family invited us to squeeze in by climbing over the bleachers, which we did. Yes, even me with my belly. I vaulted (ok not really) over a bench seat, you know the kinds with a back, in my dress and everything.

Clapping for Shouka the whale

Isabelle enjoyed it so much I wish we had managed to catch more shows. Or to see more animals. By the time we got to the animal section they were all clearing out for the night. We could have ridden elephants! I didn’t know they still did that. Though I sort of feel bad for the elephants. Do they like being ridden? I wouldn’t.

But anyhoo, we had a lot of fun though it was a tiring day, lugging around my baby belly. We stayed until they closed and now I want to go again so the kids can catch some shows and ride some poor elephants. Maybe we should get a pass?
Messy eater

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