Bibs and My Paranoia

Bibs for baby shower
We went to a baby shower on the weekend for Alan’s cousin. I really wanted to give something handmade along with the store bought gift so I sewed something. SEWED!! It’s been months. Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing bibs were the perfect project to ease back into sewing. Nice, small, and quick. And I love that they use so little fabric. I have more than enough fabric left to make some for our little boy too.

That is when I’m feeling less tired. I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t been sleeping well but the last few days, I’ve been super super tired. At the baby shower I was so wiped out that I fell asleep on the ride home and when we got home I slept a couple of hours more. And I wasn’t even doing anything at the party, just sitting around.

And I’ve been wanting to nap more so than usual. Isabelle’s up and bouncing off the walls not a bit tired and I have to struggle to keep my eyes open. One day I actually napped without her. I left the tv on and made her sit on the bed with me and I just dozed off while she sat and watched tv.

Then the past few days I’ve had moments of dizziness, not with standing up, just sitting there. So being paranoid I looked it up in the Expecting book and now I’m worrying that I’m anemic. I haven’t been taking the regular prenatal pill, just folic acid, because the doctor said prenatal pills could make morning sickness worse. But my nausea has backed off but I kept taking the folic acid out of habit. Well that changed last night, I’m back to the regular prenatal pill.

I know I’m probably just being paranoid, I don’t have any other symptoms. Let’s see how I feel today.