My Little Water Lover

I sat down to write this post 2 hours ago. Then I got distracted by one thing or other, the latest being my wordpress theme. I noticed my closed comments weren’t working exactly right and I just HAD to fix it.

But on with what I meant to say.

Did you know Isabelle loves playing with water. Everyday she’s been waking up asking to play with Elmo and froggie. She means the little sprinklers we put outside.

Water lover on flickr

She’ll run to the door and put on her boots and ask to play out there. Actually she makes me put on my boots too. She wants me to run through puddles and jump around with her.
Us again

Recently Alan got some water balloons for her. And now she asks for that too. She doesn’t even care if it’s dark outside or cold or threatening to rain.
Running or ermm walking quickly
Please ignore the dead brown plants in our backyard. We ARE NOT gardeners though we sometimes try. I think it’s the sometimes part of it that does it. You can’t garden only sometimes and water sometimes and expect anything to really survive. Ok back to what I was saying.

Yes, Isabelle loves the water. She even loves bath time. Sometimes I’ll try to sneak in a shower without her and she’ll come running around the corner and try to climb in without even taking off her clothes. Sometimes she even gets mad that I would dare try to take a shower without her.

Me, refelcted

Funny thing though. She has no interest in the ocean. Maybe because it’s so big and loud and crashing. Or maybe she’s too busy enjoying the sand.