Cute Baby #27 AND Silly Parent #38, M&M Monster

Cute baby #27, M&M monster
A new little comic, I haven’t done one in so long. And I’ve been experimenting with putting glasses on us, since we DO wear them all the time. I tried it for our banner but Alan was laughing, saying, it looked funny. So I don’t know.

And yes I thought putting an M&M on her cupcake was a good idea. I thought Isabelle would like it. And it prettied the cupcake up a little. But now she expects one all the time! Maybe this shouldn’t be in the “cute baby” series. Maybe it should be a “silly parent”.

Go read cute baby #26, loves her soap.

Update: This does belong as a silly parent, so into the silly parent series it goes. You can see the last silly parent, #37, water everywhere but not a drop to drink here.