Baking with Daddy

On the weekend I bought a new cupcake pan, not to make cupcakes though. I wanted to make some heart soaps. But Alan thought he’d make some cupcakes first and when he went grocery shopping he bought some cake mix.

Alan in the mood to do baking. Hee hee!

Isabelle quite likes baking. She’s been asking to make chocolate ice cream for weeks and weeks. I feel so bad that we never got around to it. The recipe has been sitting there just waiting. I do want to try it because it’s a recipe that doesn’t need an ice cream maker. Oh well, one of these days.

Isabelle was ecstatic to be helping daddy make cupcakes. He even let her fill the pan all by herself.
Pretty good for doing it herself

She loved helping but I think she was happier getting to eat them.

Hee hee this one has frosting. FROSTING!!

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