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Monthly Family Pictures

I’ve just cleaned out my picture folder. YAY!! I’m almost caught up.

And in doing that I’ve found a bunch of older random pictures that I’ve added to my flickr stream as well as our monthly family pictures.

This one is the latest, our three years eight months picture.
Three years eight months family picture

Then the month before that:
Three years seven months family picture

And the month before that. We barely got this one in before the end of the month:
Three years six months family picture very late

And this last one, at the height of my morning sickness. I was feeling like crap and eating everything in a vain attempt to stop the nausea. I was in my non matching pajamas and a mess. We almost didn’t get the picture that month, I was feeling so bad:
Three years five months family picture very late

Baking with Daddy

On the weekend I bought a new cupcake pan, not to make cupcakes though. I wanted to make some heart soaps. But Alan thought he’d make some cupcakes first and when he went grocery shopping he bought some cake mix.

Alan in the mood to do baking. Hee hee!

Isabelle quite likes baking. She’s been asking to make chocolate ice cream for weeks and weeks. I feel so bad that we never got around to it. The recipe has been sitting there just waiting. I do want to try it because it’s a recipe that doesn’t need an ice cream maker. Oh well, one of these days.

Isabelle was ecstatic to be helping daddy make cupcakes. He even let her fill the pan all by herself.
Pretty good for doing it herself

She loved helping but I think she was happier getting to eat them.

Hee hee this one has frosting. FROSTING!!

More pictures

Cute Baby #27 AND Silly Parent #38, M&M Monster

Cute baby #27, M&M monster
A new little comic, I haven’t done one in so long. And I’ve been experimenting with putting glasses on us, since we DO wear them all the time. I tried it for our banner but Alan was laughing, saying, it looked funny. So I don’t know.

And yes I thought putting an M&M on her cupcake was a good idea. I thought Isabelle would like it. And it prettied the cupcake up a little. But now she expects one all the time! Maybe this shouldn’t be in the “cute baby” series. Maybe it should be a “silly parent”.

Go read cute baby #26, loves her soap.

Update: This does belong as a silly parent, so into the silly parent series it goes. You can see the last silly parent, #37, water everywhere but not a drop to drink here.

Out and About

You know, ever since our last outing in San Francisco we’ve been busy busy busy. Definitely no more couch for me. Every weekend we’ve been out, so much so that it takes me a while to get through the pictures.

The weekend after the beach we went to San Francisco again, that was two weekends ago. Alan’s cousin graduated from San Francisco State University and they threw a party for her in Daly City. So we decided to go to the zoo before we headed off for the party. We piled a bunch of kids into the back seat and headed off.
Isabelle compared to a gorilla

Ok not a whole bunch, just two of Isabelle’s cousins.

Good thing we didn’t make a whole day of it. It was cold. I was dressed warmly for the weather by home and wasn’t really prepared for cold weather. I don’t think any of us were. That’s why Isabelle has a skirt AND pants on. If we had another coat for her we would have put that on her too. It was COLD.
My baby with a baby elephant

The kids had fun. But you know what the biggest hit at the zoo was? Guess.

The gift shop. The gift shop is right in front by the entrance and the cousins were pretty excited about it. They got over it quickly and wanted to look at penguins. But the long cold walk there went past ANOTHER gift shop where Isabelle saw a panda toy. Pretty much from then on Isabelle was itching for the panda. We looked at animals but I think in the back of all the kids’ minds was the gift shop. They looked at the animals but not with any super excitement.
The first thing the kids wanted to see, penguins

The cold probably didn’t help much either. No one wants to stand around staring at animals when they’re shivering in their shoes. Next time we’ll have to go in warmer weather or bring bigger coats.

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