The other night Isabelle was playing with her Maggie doll. She was dragging her all over the house pretending it was her little sister. Well Maggie’s hair is sort of loopy so it catches on things. It pulls loose from her head into a big loop and dangles.

So I had to fix it. But it’s been so long since I’ve sewn anything that I had the hardest time finding my needles! How pathetic is that? My sewing table is a mess with left over bits from my last project sitting there. Piled on top of that is newer fabric I’ve pulled out meaning to make Isabelle some skirts. But I haven’t been up to it.

I was digging through that horrendous mess (that’s been sitting there since January and is just getting bigger) and came across the blue fabric from my last project. And then I realized I never shared the pictures (actually, there are a couple of projects I never got around to writing about). So here are some oh so not fresh photos from MANY months ago:
Dress t

Isabelle loves it. In fact, seeing these pictures she’s demanding that I find it right now so she can wear it.
Isabelle loved her dress

I really like the contrasting detail on the dress.

I was planning on making a miniature version for the Isabelle doll. That never happened. Poor naked Isabelle doll.

Maybe when I’m up to it I’ll make Isabelle doll a little blue dress with red pants and pink boots to match Isabelle’s outfit here:
I thinks she chose this outfit herself. Or Alan did
How cute would that be? And I think Isabelle chose this outfit herself. Or Alan did. 🙂

Oh when, oh when will I sew again?

Project Notes
Pattern: t from ISBN-10: 4529044378, ISBN-13: 9784529044370
Fabric: cotton
Size: I can’t remember, it was freaking 4 months ago!

10 thoughts on “Sewing?

  1. Yay! You’re back! I keep using your shirring tute & referencing it, and was hoping that you were feeling better! (NOT a stalker, just a concerned *fan* of your blog)

    CUTE dress too- LOVE the contrasting. Definitely worth a do-over when you’re up & about after the new babe!

  2. Oh, I adore this dress. What are you going to do with the dress when Isabelle outgrows it? Zinnia would like to know, that is.

  3. I am so glad I came across your site for the twirly skirt tut. I then realised it was a few years old and clicked on your blog! WOW your Daughter is so grown up and so veyr beautiful.
    I will try the skirt soon, so inspired now! also what camera/lense did you use for the 2nd indoor shot of Isabelle? I love it!

  4. OMGosh it’s so good to see you again! Glad things are going well with the little guy (a boy! a boy!) and that you’re feeling less pukey/wiped out. The dress is very pretty, even if it’s four months old. And don’t sweat the lack of sewing. You’ve got years and years of it ahead of you.

  5. Love this shirt- the colors, the pattern, everything! Wish I had the patience to make fun things like this for Lil Miss…

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