Daily Archives: October 27, 2008

Nice Distraction

I need to think about something else. Every single time I sit down at the computer I’m reading medical things. And I just burst into tears over the phone while making an appointment with a newly found pediatric optometrist (we have an appointment on Wednesday).

So right now I have to give myself a break. So how about something fun? Like our last trip to Disneyland. And plus, I don’t think I really talked about Disneyland. I talked about Build a Bear, visiting Secret Agent Josephine, and my birthday but I didn’t really talk about Disneyland.

Well, we explored some attractions I haven’t seen before. There’s this place in Tomorrowland called Innoventions. Isabelle had a blast. Well, so did I. Inside there was a home of tomorrow. I think my favorite part was this table:
Playing with light
Isabelle was “drawing” light with her fingers. And that wasn’t the only thing the table could do. It changed from that, to a puzzle, and to a “pond” that all reacted to touch.

And upstairs they had a different area with games. This game was projected down from above onto the floor:
Stomping on moles
We were playing games like table hockey and stomping on moles. Isabelle was running around trying to catch the hockey puck. And one point she was sprawled all out on the floor like a cat trying to pounce on the nonexistent hockey puck. Hee hee!

And then in Disney’s California Adventure there’s this place called Disney Animation. It houses several different attractions. When we went back in September we didn’t explore everything there. So on this past trip, we checked out the rest. I really liked the Animation Academy. It’s where you get to learn how to draw a Disney character! Isabelle just scribbled all over her paper. And all over Alan’s too.
Animation school

But I drew on mine.
Drawing from animation school
I think I could have done this several times…or all day. But we only did it once.

In that same area was the Sorcerer’s Workshop. They had zoetropes with Disney characters and then an area where you could draw your own Mickey balloon ears to stick into the zoetropes. I just had to try.
Drew Mickey balloons for zoetrope
Drawing for zoetrope
This is what it looks like animated.

In the room past the zoetropes they had this area made to look like a library.
"Library" in Sorceror's Workshop

I’m sure Isabelle could have happily spent hours in here. They had these little areas where you select answers and then you get your picture taken. Isabelle just happily posed for her picture over and over.
Isabelle posing for her picture SMALL

And after that room, there was a room where you can have your voice recorded to go into a snippet of a Disney movie. It was all so fun. I know what we’ll be doing in December when we go back. Just kidding. I think. :)

Update – I’m on the phone with Olinda and she just made me realize that I didn’t link to the rest of our pictures from that trip. Here they are.