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Anyone Have Experience With This?

I just spent 3 hours reorganizing my Flickr sets. OBSESSIVELY. I think that’s because I was avoiding writing this post. It’s been stewing in my head for…over 12 hours now. Originally it was going to be a request for opinions, a call for help from my nice readers. But we’ve, or I should say I’ve, made up my mind mostly about what to do. So, I think I’ll just share what happened.

For at least a year now we’ve noticed that Isabelle’s left eye doesn’t always align with her right eye. Alan says it’s more noticeable when she’s tired. We brought it up to our optometrist about a year ago. He checked her eyes and said one day she would be nearsighted. But he didn’t mention a problem. I’m sure we mentioned it to our pediatrician too. Maybe at 2 it’s normal, or kids grow out of it, or I don’t know what. Because nothing was done.

At Isabelle’s 3 year check up with her pediatrician, we brought it up again. She referred us to an ophthalmologist. Well today was Isabelle’s appointment.
Bored waiting? Well then slide

They put a patch over her left eye and had her point out things on a little card. She did fine. They put the patch on her right eye and she tried and then started saying, “I can’t see daddy, I can’t see”. It was so sad. That’s the short, non-squirmy, trying to get a toddler to concentrate version.

We were in with the ophthalmologist for 2 hours and came out with a prescription for glasses, talk about wearing an eye patch, and follow ups. I don’t know what it means exactly but this is what her prescription says:

    Sph Cyl Axis Prism Add
    OD +1.00 DS
    OS +8.00 +3.00 90

    Because of how our insurance works we have to get the glasses from our optometrist. We drove over and when the receptionist saw the prescription she said, “WOW!” and said she knew the doctor would want to see Isabelle first, to recheck her eyes. Then she told us about her daughter who had the same problem. She said it was Amblyopia and they tried to treat it with an eye patch. Just so we’re clear though, neither doctor mentioned Amblyopia.

    After the optometrist checked Isabelle’s eyes, he recommended contacts. Just one in her left eye.
    Still bored? Chase mama around

    I can’t imagine putting a contact in a toddler’s eye, in Isabelle’s eye. But the optometrist said that was basically our only option, because of the huge difference between the two eyes. He said that if she wore glasses her left eye would not focus because it would be too hard to try to reconcile the difference of the images in her brain.

    We will do what Isabelle needs but I guess I was just irked with that being our only option, according to the optometrist. He didn’t even want to try glasses because he’s that convinced that they won’t help her. I’m of the mindset that sticking something in her eye on a regular basis is drastic and we should try a different course first.

    In talking to him he said most babies are born farsighted and get better with age. So a year ago when we had her checked why didn’t he mention a problem? Wouldn’t that have meant it was even worse before? I don’t know, I guess I’m just a little mad/confused right now.

    Alan says and I quote, “You always think people have an agenda.” I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think people have an agenda. But I am skeptical when someone says that this is the only way.

    So, I emailed the ophthalmologist, the one we saw first, to ask her opinion. She said to do glasses first, that young children adjust to changes better and easier. I’m going to talk it over with Alan some more but I’m pretty sure that’s what we’re going to do.

    So, has anyone had experience with this?

    Elvis impersonation
    I left out the worry and tears in this post. And you can’t see it in the pictures where we were trying to keep Isabelle entertained at the hospital. But I think you can see it on Alan’s face here. Well not the tears because he’s not a big baby like me, but you can see the worry and sadness.