Daily Archives: October 14, 2008

We’re Here!

Break at a rest stop
Ok, so here we are on vacation again. And I said I would try to blog at the same time but it’s hard. I’m tired. We got very little sleep again just like the last time.

And then we had a rough morning. We dropped the animals off at the vet for boarding. And Nestle had a seizure again. So scary. And then when we were ready to leave the vet’s, the engine wouldn’t start! We had to call for a jump. And on the ride down Isabelle wasn’t eating, she wasn’t sleeping, and she threw up. We think it was because she had so little sleep last night. It threw her off. She finally had a nap after a stop at a rest stop.

But we’re here now. Isabelle is enjoying herself. She didn’t once ask to go home, unlike last time, where she asked to go home as soon as we walked into the hotel room. I think she was nicely distracted by the balcony with the little table and chairs outside.
Loving the little balcony

She also had too much fun with the bathroom door. It’s a pocket door. She was sliding it in and out way too many times. Bang, bang, BANG!

And she was loving the bunk bed. We put her up there and the first thing she did was take off her skirt and laid down to get more comfortable. Then she settled in asking for a blanket, saying she was tired.
Loving the bunk bed until we told her to sleep there
But she doesn’t really want to sleep there. We jokingly tried, telling her that she’d be sleeping there for the night. She wasn’t having any of it.

Ok enough typing. Time for bed. Alan is already snoring away.