Daily Archives: October 9, 2008

Silly Me

Sometimes I’m silly. I don’t think. Like there was this one time (at band camp. sorry I always think that with those words), I was in the mood for a donut, so we went to get me one. And seeing them all there, all those delicious yummy donuts, I didn’t think. I had visions of donuts dancing in my head.
Silly me
Yep, I ordered a dozen. For ME and oh yeah…ME.

That probably explains why I now have a new old sewing machine.
Vintage D series Singer sewing machine

There were several sitting in the reptile store we go to. And every time we went, I saw them sitting there, and thought: how cool, old sewing machines. The owner likes collecting antiques, that’s why they were there. He was trying to find a nice one. And it was sort of hit and miss so he had a pile of them. Well one day I asked about them and found out they were for sale.

Vintage Singer treadle table
So without doing any research or even really looking at them, I bought one. The owner threw in extra drawers with it.

How did I make my choice? Not really with any sense. Alan later said, “why didn’t you choose one that was in better shape?” and some other very smart questions that I cannot remember. Which I did not have answers to.

My reasoning was: I liked the drawers.
Chosen specifically because of these drawers

Now what am I going to do with it?!? I would like to fix it up but I don’t have a clue. And where am I going to put it? Right now it’s just in the garage. Well at least I’ve done some research. It’s a Singer D series, made between 1908-1909. Silly me, with a 100 year old sewing machine that I don’t know what in the world I’m going to do with. At least I didn’t buy a dozen. :-D