Daily Archives: October 6, 2008

Scary Sight

Want to see a scary sight? Here. Look at Isabelle’s toys:
Aaaacck!!! Drowning in toys!

Want to know something scarier? This isn’t even all of them. This picture is just a portion. I had been sitting, pulling everything out, trying to organize them. She has soooooo much, the toys are overflowing big gigantic boxes, yes multiple big humongous boxes.

That’s because Alan’s family is so large. Have I ever mentioned that? Alan’s mother is one in a family of twelve children. You read that right. TWELVE! Well, eleven surviving. There are so many that Alan cannot even remember how many there are off the top of his head. He has to name them all out and count.

So yeah, every Christmas and Isabelle’s birthday, her amount of toys GROWS. I mean we were already bombarded on her first Christmas when she wasn’t even four months old.

The exception was this past birthday since we did not throw her a birthday party. I told Alan that if we did have a party for Isabelle, we should put on the invitations: “no presents please” or “no toys please, just books or clothes”. I would like to do that for Christmas as well. But he thinks it’s mean.

But oh my gawd, we’re drowning in toys!! We need to give some away and organize better. So a step in that direction…
Organization here we come
We went to Ikea and got some Trofast storage. Whatever doesn’t fit needs to go.