Daily Archives: October 3, 2008

Final Disneyland Post

Ok, my last Disneyland post, I’m making it short.

On our last day, which was a half day, we spent most of it in a Bug’s Land in Disney’s California. It’s my favorite. Not because there were any rides I particularly enjoyed. The rides are for little kids, not that exciting. And a couple of them make me nauseous. Like this ride, Flik’s flyers. Blech, I could have vomited. It probably didn’t help that I was facing backwards.
Eggrolls & lumpias in the Chinese takeout box
I think it’s hilarious we got the Chinese takeout box. I titled this picture: Eggrolls & lumpias in the Chinese takeout box.

Or this ride, Francis’ Ladybug boogie. Barf inducing. Even Isabelle didn’t like it.
Francis' Ladybug barf inducing boogie ride

So, why do I like a Bug’s Land so much? Because I like feeling like a tiny bug with leaves towering above me. For some reason, it just makes me happy.

And that’s a peek into our Disneyland vacation. We had so much fun. I thought it was great. So much that we’re going back for my birthday in a couple of weeks!!