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Disneyland Day Three

I’m talking about Disneyland again? Yep. I still have two more days of Disneyland memories I want to remember on here. So I’m going to try to smoosh them into this one post.

Have I mentioned that going on vacation was very disruptive to our routine? We’re still not back to normal. We’re going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier, more like regular people. It’s sort of nice except it’s conflicting with Alan’s work schedule. Isabelle should be going down for her nap when Alan’s waking up. So I’ve been keeping her up late. That way she’ll still see Alan. But I digress.

Being away really did a number on Isabelle’s eating. She’s already a picky eater but not being at home was even harder. It didn’t really feel like she was eating much and it wasn’t until the fourth day away from home that she actually had an appetite. It was after breakfast, which she probably barely touched. We were already in the park and she asked for pizza. So how could I say no?
Isabelle didn't eat like usual until the 4th day where she actually asked for pizza

And talking about food, we went and had a character dining experience. It’s basically where you get to meet Disney characters during a meal. They had one with the Little Mermaid and the other Disney princesses. And since Isabelle has watched the Little Mermaid before, we thought she might enjoy it.

I found it strange and cute. It was strange because there were all these little girls dressed up as Disney princesses. I don’t remember doing that when I was little. They were freaking cute but it was bizarre. I think Isabelle may have been one of the few kids not dressed up. I mean there was a little girl who was barely walking who was dressed up as Tinker Bell!

Isabelle didn’t really seem to get it, that the girl dressed up was supposed to be the Little Mermaid. She was shy and didn’t want to look her.
Didn't want to look at the Little mermaid
And then when the rest of the princesses came out, while we were eating, Isabelle went into hermit mode. She hunched her little shoulders up, sat really still, and didn’t want to look at them. With the last princess she actually gave her dirty looks! :-D But it turns out Isabelle did understand. When she sees the pictures of herself with the Little Mermaid she says, “oooh!! Little Mermaid!”

Yeah, she’s just not good with strangers. But it’s understandable. Isabelle’s never been left with anyone else, not even her grandparents. We’re always close by or in another room. That is until this trip.

We left Isabelle with Olinda while we went on the Indiana Jones ride. I don’t know how long we were gone for. It must have been at least half an hour. Olinda said she did fine until it started to get dark. Then she kept asking for us, “where’s mama? Where’s daddy?” When she finally saw us she had the biggest smile on her face, and came running towards me with her arms spread wide saying, “MAMA!!!” Sniffle, sniffle. It was so sweet.

Ok, looks like smooshing it all up into one post isn’t going to happen. This is super long as it is. So I’ll leave you with this picture.
Driving. What you can't see is the three of us smooshed into this car
Isabelle driving. (And yes that’s a different shirt on her. That’s because she got sopping wet at Irrigation Station, again. You would think we would have learned after the first time, to bring something extra. But nope. Had to buy something, AGAIN.) Me, Alan, and Isabelle are smooshed into this car, wish we had a picture of that. That’s because both me and Alan wanted to be with her on her first drive. Silly really since she wasn’t actually steering. She was too short to see the road, so she was just turning the wheel willy nilly, it made for a very jostling ride.

Ok I’ll stop now. You all must be sick of reading Disneyland posts but I have one more day, damn it!! I’ll give you a break tomorrow. Pictures of Isabelle’s whale, well she helped, tomorrow.

Made By Us

Here’s our whale, made by us.

I was so eager to make him, while Isabelle was still interested, that I didn’t even bother with seam allowances. That would probably explain why he didn’t match up properly, his bottom was a little too big and he ended up bunchy.
A little bunching

And that also explains why his flippers seem tiny and pointy.
Tiny flippers

But ain’t he cute? And big too. Bigger than I expected. From the picture in the book I thought for some reason he would sit in the palm of my hand. But I was wrong.

I asked Isabelle to hold him so I could get a picture of his size.
Hold the whale for mama

She thought throwing him up and down was a better idea. :)
Er...yeah...good holding

Project Notes
Pattern: 23 from isbn-10: 452904114x (isbn-13: 978-4529041140)
Fabric: linen