Daily Archives: September 25, 2008

Making a Softie Together

I still have Disneyland posts to write but I want to share what we did yesterday. It’s special.

Me and Isabelle made a softie. TOGETHER!! How awesome is that?
Making a softie together

She was flipping through a book and saw a drawing of a shark. She said, “mama! Shark!” then “make me a whale.” So I showed her this whale:
projects 21 to 23 from isbn 452904114x
And she said, “yay!” Which was perfect because I’ve always wanted to make this whale.

It’s from this Japanese craft book that I got over two years ago, isbn-10: 452904114x (isbn-13: 978-4529041140).
Cover of isbn 452904114x

Guess what she wants to make next? This:
projects 31 and 32 from isbn 452904114x
She said, “I want make cowboy!!” Ah….she keeps me on my toes.

And HERE are the rest of the projects from the book. There are 59 projects. Scanning them all in was torture. We don’t have a dedicated desk for our scanner and printer. They’re on a shelf. The scanner is at knee level and I have to prop my computer up high and then go down low to scan stuff. Yikes, I think it was easier making the whale.

Pictures of the whale to come another day because hello did you just read what I wrote?? I scanned in freaking how many pages of that book!! I’m pooped.