Daily Archives: September 18, 2008

Wading Through Pictures

Ok. I’ve managed to wade through the 800 plus vacation pictures and I’ve narrowed it down to 61. 61 pictures?!? That’s too many to edit and watermark. And do you really want to look through 61 of our family vacation pictures?? No. I need to narrow it down some more. And break this up into several posts. Yeah…

So let me start with the drive down. I had this brilliant idea to keep Isabelle up late so she’d be short on sleep. My reasoning was that she would then be sooooo tired that she would sleep through most of the 6 hour drive down.

Ok, it wasn’t a brilliant idea. It was actually not very well thought out at all. Because with Isabelle being awake that meant WE were awake too, you know the two people who would be driving. We put her down late and then finished up packing and ended up with only a few hours sleep. Yeah, don’t do that. It’s soooooo not brilliant.

And the kicker? She only slept for maybe an hour on the drive down. I think it was because, my friend, Olinda came with us. So Isabelle wanted to play, not sleep. Well at least playing was better than her crying for 6 hours. Which is what I feared would happen.

But Isabelle did great. So when we arrived at the hotel she got to pick out a doll. She picked Mickey. She played with him all through dinner. She was running around and around, tossing Mickey around. We could barely get her to sit down to eat. In our room she was still running around. I had the hardest time getting her to stay still for a picture with her new Mickey doll.
Barely got this picture because she was running around so much

I finally gave up. I resorted to the she’s sleeping and not a fast moving blur picture the next morning.

And you know, that’s what I was going to write about that first night at the hotel. I wanted to write every night of our trip so I wouldn’t forget anything. But every night I was too tired. And now that’s soooo last week. Hope I can remember it all. :)