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Guess where we’re going next week?

Guess where we're going?

And probably San Diego for one day. Why haven’t I mentioned this before? Because we just booked it today. I’m good at procrastinating. Alan’s been telling me for months to decide what to do for Isabelle’s birthday.

Well it’s decided now. :)

Skirts and Rides?

Rides and skirts?
I haven’t worn shorts in I can’t remember how long. During the summer when it’s super hot, I find skirts and dresses a lot cooler. Sure I have to worry about a stray breeze sometimes but that’s just like air conditioning for my butt. Har har har! Ok not really. I just felt like typing that because it gave me a giggle.

So Alan said we would go buy some shorts this weekend. I guess that’s a good idea since I’ll be on rides.

But look at how they used to dress at Disneyland. They didn’t have problems with rides.


We’re back from Disneyland! I meant to post before we left but that didn’t happen. And then I meant to post while we were there but I was too tired. And now we’re back and I have emails to check and about 800 pictures to go through. That’ll take me a while so no pictures from our trip.

Instead here is a picture from today.
My little cowgirl blowing out her birthday candles

Isabelle turned three. THREE!! My amazing girl is three. And a video from today:

Still Behind

We haven’t gotten back to our regular routine yet. And nope I haven’t gone through the pictures. And plus, Alan is still on vacation.

But here’s the post I meant to put up before our trip. It is sort of relevant to the Disneyland post to come because it’s about rollercoasters.

Have you heard of K’nex? They are construction toys, awesome construction toys. Last month at my nephew’s birthday party he received a rollercoaster set. My brother-in-law was helping him build it and I sat down and started helping too. I DID NOT want to stop. Alan had to pry me away.

So, Alan bought me my own rollercoaster set. I think it took me a couple of hours to put together. All the while with Isabelle excitedly asking for it. When I was done my fingers were sore from snapping all the pieces together. I didn’t even realize it until I was finished because I was so absorbed in making it. That’s how much fun I had.

Even though Isabelle is too young for the building part, it was a total yawn for her, she thought the finished toy was very cool. She played and played with it. In fact the next day it was the first thing she asked for when she woke up. She even tried to let her dolls play with it too.
Letting Woody play with the rollercoaster

We had so much fun with that rollercoaster. See a video here.

So that’s how, when we arrived at Disneyland, Isabelle knew what rollercoasters were before she had ever ridden one.