6 thoughts on “Cute Baby #20, Poot

  1. jerrett has always announced his farts. now he goes “take that!” points his butt at you and rips one…they’re usually extremely stinky and i end up running away gagging!

  2. We get all of those announcements, too. I had a friend over last week who does not have children. She was talking about a family she knows with seven children who are “so well-behaved.” Next thing I know, my older daughter said, “Heeeeee hee, I tooted. ExCUSE me!”, while my younger daughter was trying to put edamame up her nose. Ah, children!

  3. i read this the other day and got sidetracked and forgot to comment – because i’m lame like that…
    ok, that is friggin’ funny! my husband told me that he farted while i was still sleeping (it’s so nice to sleep in) and there’s our son, taking a big whiff and asking “poop-y? poop-y.”

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