Daily Archives: August 21, 2008

All Sorts of Things

Alan’s sister is getting married this weekend and I’m trying to sew myself a dress. I also want to learn how to use my new speedlight but it’s all just too much right now. So instead I’m taking a break and writing about all sorts of things.

So let me start with sharing how spoiled Isabelle is. Or also known as: how I give in because I’m a sucker. I NEED TO STOP! I mentioned a birthday party last week. It was for two of Isabelle’s cousins. Well for one of them we got a Dora doll and a Dora play cell phone. Alan left all the toys in the car so Isabelle wouldn’t see them and want to open them.

Well then I had to move the car and Isabelle saw them and…
Spoiled daughter of mine
Boo me! Good thing she didn’t see the helicopter toy.

So then I had the bright idea of making the birthday girl a dress instead.
Ottobre dress
But instead of using a pattern I’ve made before and know, I went with something new. It’s an Ottobre Design, Spring 1/2008. It’s the first time trying them. I think we measured Isabelle and she was around 95cm tall. Isabelle’s cousin is a little taller so I went with the 104cm.

But somehow it seems too short even for Isabelle. Wonder if I did something wrong. It’s almost like a shirt, a long shirt. And I did something weird with the zipper. And the fabric. What was I thinking? It was from my stash. It was probably on sale. That’s what I was thinking when I bought it. But the print seems a little young, babyish. So Isabelle ended up wearing it to the party instead. And you can tell it’s too large for her in the shoulder area.

Ok, party talk. Have I told you how much Isabelle likes parties? On the drive over she was doing this little dance, or more like a shoulder only dance, while sitting in the car seat saying, “party! party! party!”

But when we got there she was all shy, clingy, and hiding. She was hiding so much it was like she was trying to burrow into me. It took her a while to warm up. She wouldn’t even go through the play structure things by herself. I ended up crawling through with her.
Crawling around with Isabelle
At first I was scared to. There was a sign that said this high and under. I crept in worrying about how much weight the play structure could handle. But it was fine. There were other parents crawling around in there. And if there was a weight limit I’m sure it would have been listed somewhere. Or more likely, everywhere. I was just being paranoid. Alan said the sign was probably for the tinier play structure.

And I’m so glad I went in, because I really wanted to play! It was so much fun! They had three stories in the play structure and tunnels and slides. I went up to the tip top with Isabelle OVER and OVER to slide down the big fast slide that went round and round. Then there was this bumpy slide where you actually get air when you’re sliding down. We only did that once though because Isabelle wasn’t expecting it and bumped her head.

I really wanted to try the ball pit. I didn’t. Being paranoid again. And not paranoid like Alan: thinking there’s poo in there. He’d keep pointing to dark spots on the balls asking me what they were.

But Isabelle went in.
In the ball pit
It was so tall she could barely get out by herself.

Isabelle had so much fun. She didn’t even object too much to the sock requirement.
Throwing off her socks

But no the fun didn’t end there. She got to try a few swings at miniature golf.
Miniature golfer
And then we went back to their house where Isabelle played for hours. So it’s no surprise that she’s been asking for her cousin Jenna everyday since the party.

“Denna? Where’s Denna?”

Ok. Let me stop typing and get back to my dress.