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Need A Nap Long Rambly Post

Today I was going to write about some awards I received but I’m procrastinating. I suck at those posts. And also meme tag things. And how in the world do you pronounce meme? Like me! me!! Like those seagulls in Finding Nemo and how they say “Mine! Mine!” all annoying? Me! Me! It’s all about me!! Actually I think it’s pronounced like dream. Meme, dream. Oh wait…I’m rambling.

Back to what I was saying. I have such a hard time picking people and thinking of things to say for awards and meme type things. I’m also bad at those forward email things. I don’t do forwards. Or those urban legend emails. Or pass this along our child is missing emails. I don’t do those email things. Nope. Nope. Nope. They crawl into my inbox like spiders and then they die there. I squash them.

Oh I went off subject again. I need a nap. We didn’t have a nap today and I shouldn’t even be posting in this state.

On subject again, the awards. I’m supposed to pick people. And it’s nice to receive an award. It is. Thank you so much for giving me an award. But then the whole picking other people and passing it along and making them play…squash squash squash!!! I’m a party pooper. I don’t want to play because I’m mean and I suck.

So instead I went digging around on my site seeing what hasn’t been published and what photos I’ve had hidden on my Flickr stream. And this is what I came across, one of my strange girls. And we like looking at pictures, don’t we? Yes, we do (meaning me). I do like looking at pictures. Yep.

Mushroom girl

She was made in Adobe Illustrator when I was on that little Illustrator kick for a while, way back in December. I know it was December because she’s inspired by some party favors my sister made for a Christmas party. These cool little awesome guys:

Party favors made by my sister

Well not a few, actually one particular one, my favorite: the mushroom guy with his little removable mushroom hat. My sister made them!! MADE THEM! She is awesome!
My favorite is the mushroom guy

Oh and right now as I’m typing this Isabelle is saying “bitch!” Me laughing maniacally isn’t helping the situation. I shouldn’t have put that Family Guy DVD in when she found it. I should have turned on some Noggin for her or something. What was I thinking? I need a nap. No nap for us today!! That’s what I was thinking. Or I should say why I wasn’t thinking.

Ack off subject again!! You know what? I think I will write about the awards after all or else I will never ever ever. And I don’t want to be mean. So onto the awards!!

Trixie gave me an Arte y Pico award something like TWO months ago. And I feel so bad that I haven’t mentioned it. Thank you Trixie! I kept meaning to write about it but then got distracted. And then Pauline gave me an award a couple of weeks ago. Thank you Pauline!! Thank you to both of you for thinking of me and I’m sorry I suck.

And I suck because I’m not going to make other people play by the rules. Instead I’m just going to share some sites that I find inspiring. They don’t have to play. They can just bask in the adoration. How about that? Yes. Much better. So bask away:

Pete at I Feel Awesome. I’m a total lurker on his blog. I love his drawing style and his comics. I found him back in the beginning of January and I never miss a post. In fact, when I first came across him, I went back and read all the ones I missed. He makes me want to start drawing a daily comic again. This particular drawing is old but it still makes me laugh. Am I mean?

Crap, I can’t think of anymore blogs. Oh wait. Here’s another one. Kawaii Not. Cute and funny. It’s another one I never miss. I’m a total lurker there too. Here’s an example of the cute and funny that I enjoy so much. And this. It’s absolutely my sense of humor.

Amy Rice. She does beautiful stencil art. I’ve mentioned her before on my blog. I have some gocco prints from her. Very very lovely. I am subscribed to her Flickr stream and I always like seeing what new art she’s created.

And, and….I can’t think of any new ones. How about I just talk about my favorite blogs listed in my sidebar. It’s a very short list of the blogs that I try my darnedest not to miss. I Feel Awesome, Kawaii Not, and Amy Rice should actually be up there. I don’t know why they’re not. I’ll get to it one day. I will.

But anyhoo let me mention my favorites here in the actual post so you don’t have to go hunting in my sidebar:

Alice at Futuregirl. She rocks. I wandered onto her site over two years ago. OVER TWO YEARS! And I’ve been reading ever since. And she’s one of the few internet people I’ve met in real life. Sometimes she says things that come right out of my head. It’s bizarre.

Brenda at Secret Agent Josephine. I’ve been reading her for years too. I love her little illos and she tells wonderful stories about her life. I wish I could write like her. Sometimes what Brenda writes is right along the lines of what I’m feeling at a particular time. That is very bizarre too. And her baby bug is near Isabelle’s age and is so cute and squishable. Of all the blogs I read, I feel the most connected to Brenda because she writes so well about her life and family.

Tina at ilikeseamonsters. I love the way Tina writes and the way she thinks. Here’s just a little example. I’ve been reading her for years too. (Though most of the time I’m lurking).

Hmmm common theme for these first three. You know I think they’re awesome if I’ve been reading them for years.

Mary at Confessions of a Craft Addict. I am blown away by the amount of things she sews. I’m pooped after one little thing. I am always stumped on how she creates so much.

Nichol at A Pillow Monster Every So Often. I’ve mentioned Nichol before. I love the little stories that go along with her softies. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve drooled over Theodore Robot wanting to snatch him right up. Actually, I drool over a lot of her dolls even though I already have one.

Ok, now I’m done with the long rambly post. I’m going to take a shower/bath and put Isabelle down for the night. Yerp. Get some much needed sleep!