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At the Movies

First time in a movie theater
I know I just posted on Monday but I feel like I’ve been gone for ages, like I have so much to catch up on. I think the reason is, we had a busy weekend out with friends. And Isabelle has been a handful. Then there was my first post on Label-Free. So yeah BUSY.

Running around afterwards
Today, I finally managed to get the pictures off the camera. So a little catch up here. On Sunday we went to watch Wall-E. It’s the first time Isabelle has seen a movie in a movie theater. I think she handled it very well. I mean how could she not like it? Popcorn. Icee. Cartoon on a big screen.

You can't catch me!

We went with our friends Veronica and Dennis. They sat in seats in front of us because it was so packed. At some point Isabelle wasn’t sitting anymore. She was standing. It was nice though because they could hear Isabelle when we couldn’t. They said they could hear her oohs and aaahs in their ears. Now if strangers were sitting there, they may have been giving her dirty looks. And we wouldn’t have known Isabelle was making oooh and ahh noises.

Daddy's got you!
She almost lasted the whole movie, but not quite. Towards the end she started saying, “go home! go home!” But pretty darn good for her first movie theater experience.

And frozen yogurt after that

Squatting to Take a Poop

Squatting to take a poop dinosaur
On the weekend, when I was trying to start the reverse appliqué skirt for myself, Isabelle said, “Mama, make dinosaur!”

And I said, “Ok” and hurriedly made one.

Then Alan said, “why does it look like he’s squatting to take a poop?”

“I don’t know! But did you know I didn’t stuff his neck completely? How the hell did I manage that?!”

That’s what happens with hurried sewing.

Everyone enjoy your weekend. We’re waking up early to watch a parade! Eeerr…or I should say attempting to wake up early.

Project Notes
Pattern: Brontosaurus from Toys to Sew
Fabric: Calls for felt but I used fleece

Our July the 4th

Not interested in the parade
We had a long day yesterday. We managed to wake up early to catch a parade, barely. Isabelle wasn’t much interested though.

The bookstore is more fun
She thought the bookstore was more fun.

And the park is even more fun
And the park.

Yum Spongebob popsicle small
Where she got a popsicle.

Ooooh fireworks!
Then we ended the night with fireworks, her first ever. “Oooooh” is what she was saying.

Playing with my camera trying to capture fireworks


A few weeks ago, I casually mentioned popsicles. As soon as the word left my lips, Isabelle was all over it, “pop! pop! pop!” She hadn’t had a popsicle before that, so, I don’t know how she even knew what they were.

I told Alan about it and the next morning…there were popsicles in the freezer. He loves us. :)

Store bought popsicle:
Store bought popsicle

Since they were such a hit with her, that following weekend I got a popsicle maker.

Homemade popsicle:
Homemade popsicle
Har har har! :-D I do think her reaction was a bit extreme.

A Scare Yesterday

Yesterday, I had planned on writing another Japanese crafting post for Label-Free but life got in the way. My little monkey gave me quite a scare. That’s being mild. To be more accurate, she scared the shit out of me. No, even that’s too tame a description. Imagine me: crazy, wild, angry, worried, imagining the worst.

What did Isabelle do that caused this? She swallowed a little duck pendant.
Waiting for her x-ray

It happened when I was trying to get Isabelle to sleep. Right before I was about to put her down, she saw her pendant. It was a gift from my mom. We had put it on a necklace on her on the weekend but removed it because her hair was getting caught in it.

Well when she found it, she happily chattered on about her duck and I let her hold onto it because sometimes she likes falling asleep with a toy in her hand. I put her in bed, turned off the lights, lay down next to her, and gave her milk. Then all of a sudden I heard it in her mouth! I picked her up and went for the light and she made little gagging noises. Once the lights were on, I looked in her mouth, and it wasn’t there. I looked on the floor, on the bed, it wasn’t ANYWHERE. I asked Isabelle, “where’s the duckie?” And she pointed to her open mouth!

I freaked out and called Alan at work. He immediately headed home. This has never happened to us before. So yeah. We were frantic.

Big hospital band on Isabelle's little arm
I then immediately called Kaiser’s advice line, you know, where you’re supposed to get help from a nurse. They have a recording that says to help you decide if you need to be seen in the emergency room or give you advice until you can make an appointment or something to that effect.

Let me reiterate, this has never happened to us before. We didn’t know what to do. I was imagining the worst. I didn’t know what this pendant was doing to Isabelle’s little insides. And since it was a gift I don’t even know what it’s made of. And the nurse I spoke to, I didn’t catch her name I was so frantic, didn’t make the situation better. She actually made it worse. She was AWFUL. Making comments like, well she’s 2, 3 years old, you better get used to her swallowing stuff. How did that comment help?!?

And, did you want to go the the emergency room or call at 6:15 for an appointment to see your doctor? That’s why I was calling. I DON’T KNOW. Is she going to be ok until she can see a doctor? Me imagining Isabelle not waking up and just all sorts of scary stuff.

And, well you need to be calm, you’re not helping the situation. I knew that. But she wasn’t helping the situation either! Where was her nice helpful manner?!

The call finally ended with me frantically asking, “I just want to know if she’ll be ok for now. CAN YOU TELL ME THAT?!?!”

When Alan got home, I told him about the call. Repeating how it went just drove home how terrible the nurse was. I realized I didn’t feel any better. In fact, I didn’t trust the nurse’s advice, that’s how bad the call was. So, I called again. I got a different nurse and explained I had just called and asked if the computer showed the name of the nurse I spoke to. She was hesitant and said it didn’t say. I then asked if it showed I called. She replied yes. And then I asked what the computer says was the reason for my first call. The nurse said, “a sore throat?” WTF? A sore throat?! Yeah. Imagine then how pissed off I was at that first nurse.

Well the second call did turn out better. The first nurse didn’t give bad advice. She just had an awful bedside manner I guess you’d say. So after maybe a couple of hours of sleep for me we went to the hospital where Isabelle saw her doctor and got an x-ray. (Pictures thanks to Alan having his cell phone because you know, in my state I wouldn’t have my camera) See the pendant I outlined in red:

The duckie in my little monkey
And I could say so much more at this point but I’ll stop now because my 3 hour nap obviously wasn’t long enough. I’m running on empty again. So I’ll end with this:

Isabelle will be fine. Basically we’ll just have to look for the pendant to pass. Mmmm yum. Digging through poo. And I think I’ll end the post here, on poo. Goodnight all!