Misson to Make that Perfect Top

Pattern 2 lengthened
This is another top from ISBN 9784579110438. It’s pattern #2, lengthened. I think it might be too long. I was thinking of making another altered version of this but I’ve changed my mind. I’ve moved onto something else.

Why? Because I’ve become a little obsessed with making the perfect top. And this top isn’t perfect. At my nephew’s 4th birthday party I realized it didn’t stay put. The gathering isn’t sewn down. It’s bunched around the tie. So as I was playing I realized it was moving around. It needed some fussing with to keep it looking the way I liked. I don’t like fussing. I just want to wear it and forget about it.
Rolling around like the kids

And yes, I want to make a top versus buying it. I don’t like it when I’m standing next to someone who’s wearing the same shirt as I am. Is that weird? And that won’t happen if I’m wearing something handmade. If it did, that would be sooooo twilight zone.

I have some criteria. I want something that looks good on me, is comfortable, and something I can wear a normal bra with. Though I do like these halter tops I can’t really wear a normal bra with it. I’ve tried a sticky bra with no straps on it but it’s just too strange. I wear it and it does work. But every time I wear it I wonder if my skin is absorbing some icky chemicals and who knows what. So yes, I’m on a mission to make the perfect top.

8 thoughts on “Misson to Make that Perfect Top

  1. That looks beautiful on you, but I get the whole “regular bra” thing. I am also on the mission for a perfect top to wear and I haven’t found it yet. I can’t wait until I do. I hope you find yours first :).

  2. I randomly found your blog while looking for pictures of sock and glove animals. I LOVE your blog! It’s so awesome, and your cartoons are wonderfully drawn! You are so creative!

  3. Good luck finding the right top pattern for you. I have problems finding clothing for me.. sewing them would be even harder, I think.. that’s why I like to stay with the small stuff for right now :)

    I do love that blouse on you though. Very pretty color for you and I love the pattern print. :)

  4. I think it looks really cute! It is not too long at all in my opinion.

    I know what you mean about wanting an original shirt. I bought a cute Tshirt at Target one time and another mom at my son’s preschool had the same shirt. I could not wear it any day that I might see her because it would be too weird.

    I know I couldn’t sew a decent shirt, though. Maybe I will try a skirt sometime when I am feeling brave.

  5. I absolutely love this top and I want it! I love the length, too. I think it’s so cute!

    I totally understand the whole bra thing. Most of the time I just use a strapless, but if not in the mood to be uncomfortable I layer a tank top underneath that has thicker straps so I can wear a regular bra.

    Also, sometimes a tight yoga top with criss-cross spaghetti straps work in lieu of a bra. The tightness isn’t uncomfortable and it’ll hold you in. Does that make sense? It’s been a long day at work and I’m tired… :)

  6. I loved the way your uncomfortable halter looks. I had no idea that it created such a fuss. I hate it when I wear something out and am always having to pull at it- irritating. Lovely photos of Ebow’s birthday bash. Thanks for posting it up here and onto my website. Thanks for adding the photo up too on my post! You are the best seastar ever!

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